Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preseason: Game Six Recap

-Crawford played the whole game and wasn't too bad. We all know how bad he can be sometimes. He had a shutout until the third. The Pens were definitely on him a few times, but he recovered nicely. However, he didn't have to face Crosby or Malkin. Crosby always mysteriously doesn't play against Hawks.
-Hossa was the first star of the night with two goals. He looked solid out there with some sweet plays, which isn't surprising.
-Worst part of the game came when Campbell slowly got off the ice with help. Not sure what happened, but from the 300 level he was playing one moment and down the next. He rolled over a few times before getting off the ice. I must be bad luck for Campbell. I was at last year's game vs the Caps when he was injured. Let's hope it's not the same, because we all remember how the Hawks played during that time. This was the year he wanted to redeem himself and step it up a level, so hope it's nothing too serious.
-Leddy might not be too upset about the Campbell's maybe injury since it will probably be him who takes over.
-It was a beautiful thing to see Seabrook and Scott out there together. It was obviously nothing compared to the regular Duncs/Seabs, but for me, I just have some secret (or not so secret) fascination with Scott. It must be his monstrosity. They both had some crowd cheering worthy hits.
-No fights in last night's game. Just a few scuffles here and there. Noticed the Pens were getting on Morin a little bit, but he handled himself.
-Pisani, Sharp, Kane also had goals for the Hawks. It was nice to see a little fist pump celebration from Kane in person again.
-Final score 5-2 for a Blackhawks Winner!

Highlights from the game:

The Hawk have one more preseason game on Sunday, then it's time to get this season started.

Campbell will be out for four to five weeks (right knee sprain). According to Coach Q, sounds like Leddy will play with the team, while Campbell is out. (source)
Turco will play in the net for Sunday's game against the Blues. Morin, Sharp, and Kane will play together again just like last night and Skille skated today. (source: @TramyersCSN)

Check out Second City Hockey's view on Campbell: here

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