Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Kings

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Skille, Hammer, and Cullimore.


1st Period:
-The fourth line scored first for the Blackhawks. Apparently, Dowell can do more than stick his head out of weird places in jersey, he can score too. His shot went off a Kings' Dman. Pisani received his first point as a Blackhawk with an assist.
-Justin Williams tied the game 1-1. Keith couldn't stop it and Turco couldn't finish it.
-Hossa called for Hooking.
-Kings outshot the Hawks 10-9.
-Play was pretty even between both teams. Blackhawks are better, but didn't show it.

Intermission: I had the joy of listening to the game on the radio. It's underrated. It's full of cheesy commercials and awkward moments. The best things in life.

-The Moment: We have Jake Dowell here. Jake how did it feel to score your first goal? "It's actually Fernando Pisani here."
It was beautifully awkward.
-The Commercial: Seabrook chooses Lemonheads and not because he gets shooting tips from the Lemonhead guy.

2nd Period:
-Stalberg with a backhander to put the Hawks on top 2-1. He scored a rebound off of Keith's shot. It was Stalberg's third goal of the season and Keith's second assist of the night.
-The Hawks got their first powerplay from a Smyth hooking. The Hawks had stepped up from earlier in the game. They put a huge amount of pressure on the Kings with great puck possession.
-The Hawks quickly received another powerplay after a slashing by Green.
-Turco, his gloves, and his reds pads were solid through two. Hawks led in goals 2-1 and shots 11-9.
-Hossa went missing during the second. I would of prayed to god, but he is god.

-Kopecky interview. Unfortunately, no mix-up.
-Another Lemonhead's commercial: Keith asked Seabrook why he was staring at the Lemonhead guy. Seabrook told Keith someone said the Lemonhead guy could talk, so he was waiting to see if his mouth moved. Why is Seabrook always stupid in his commercials?

3rd Period:
-Pisani moved to the second line with Kopecky and Brouwer.
-Some ugly shifts for the Hawks early in the period. No energy.
-More line changes with Hossa out: Kane moved to Bickell and Dowell.
-Turco the only star of the period, half way through the third.
-Boynton called for holding. This is happening too frequently.
-Not many scoring opportunities for the Hawks during the third. Couldn't beat Bernier.
-Speaking of scoring, Sharp scored all on his own for his 9th goal of the season.
-Hammer got a puck to the elbow. Went off the ice in pain.

Hawks win 3-1! Definitely, not their best game, but a win is a win. Big thanks to Turco!

1. Dowell
2. Stalberg
3. Turco

No word on Hossa, yet...

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