Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recap of the Blackhawks Winning Weekend:

Friday vs the Blue Jackets:

-The Weekend of Sharp got kick started friday with two great goals. He missed his opportunity for a hat trick on a breakaway, but we still think he's handsome anyway. Two games after he came back from his 'injury' he seemed to blend in with the ice, but he made himself known with 13 shots.

-The Slovakian Bromance both had goals and an assist.

-Stalberg had his first goal of the season. The Hogs + a Swede line (Skille, Dowell, Stalberg) continued their recent stellar performances.

-I'm not even going to mention that Cullimore was decent, because he went right back to his normal self on Saturday.

-The Hawks dominated without the help of Kane, Hammer, and Soupy. Turco looked better than his first two starts. Overall an awesome 5-2 win for the Hawks.

Saturday vs the Sabres:

-Kane returned to game after being out with an "illness." Now is the time to let out all your overplayed jokes that he was hungover or got an STD. Please, if you have an original one let me know. He started off with an assist on a 2-on-1 breakaway with Sharp in the first period. He paired up with Sharp again in the 3rd period for Sharp's second goal.

-Hammer also returned from his suspension. The Sabres tried to put the fear in Hammer before the game, but it was just a few hits here and there. Basically all talk.

-Sharp took 'Sharp Attack' literally this weekend. He continued his attack on the opposing goalies with another two goals. Like Hossa said he's got a "hot stick."

-It looked as if Keith had a goal in the first period, but the refs called interference. Apparently, Lalime couldn't do his job after Kopecky was pushed into him. Coach Q was livid and his mustache turned a shade of red.

-Sharp and Hossa received first and second star. For the third star, it SHOULD of gone to Seabrook for his two great passes. One pass lead to goal by Hossa. I might be biased, but not everyone can make passes like that.

-The real Cullimore showed up last night, which means he just sucked. Speaking of sucking, Scott has showed he is just a tall guy who sucks at being tall.

-Bolland (he still plays for the team?) scored in the third with help from Duncbrook. Turco not only saved goals, but he saved the Hawks in this one. The Blackhawks beat the Sabres 4-3.

Around the UC:

-To everyone's surprise, Nick Leddy was sent to Rockford today. I personally thought he was growing with each game. He obviously still has a lot of developing to do and it's better he does it in Rockford rather than the bigger spotlight. The cap might have something to do with it too. Now is the time to go see a IceHogs' game, great talent down there.

-The other half of the Slovakian Bromance Kopecky:
Chicago Tribune: Hawks winger off to surprisingly good start
Northwest Herald: Kopecky having fun on Hawks' top line

-Blackhawks drama: Supposedly, CSN reporter Jen Patterson was fired for dating Nick Boynton. It's not only embarrassing that she got fired for dating a player, but it's more embarrassing that it was Boynton. (source)

-Brouwer: "It's definitely not the start I wanted. I wasn't good enough in camp or exhibitions. That's why I'm in the situation I'm in right now (playing time). Once you're in a situation like this, it's tough to work your way out of it. I'm just working hard and trying to do the right things and not squeeze my stick too tight. Hopefully the coaches will be able to see I'm working hard and trying my best."
Chicago Tribune: Brouwer trying to snap out of slow start

-Friday was the one year anniversary of MsBlackhawks! The very first post was on the Hawks/Bear commercials:
Hawks and Bears Unite
We never did see those commercials. Disappointing.

Next game is Monday night vs the Blues!


  1. Congrats on 1 year!

  2. I'm wondering if Kane has mono or something. He's not looked all that well since Training Camp, IMO. I mean, sure, he plays well and all that, but he's just not looked quite "right" since before Training Camp.

    This is not a joking suggestion, FWIW.

    As for Cullimore.. I spent the game (section 332) yelling that Rockford had a space with his name on it.

    And I'm still mad that Q put Scott in and scratched Skille... but that's a bit of personal bias there.

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone was at least either yelling or thinking to themselves that Cullimore needs to just stay in Rockford and never come back lol Unless he all of sudden turns into a great player, but I doubt it.

    I agree on the Scott and Skille thing. Scott just isn't cutting it.