Monday, October 11, 2010


Blackhawks play against the Sabres at 6pm on CSN.

Crawford will be in the net for the Hawks: "I'm just anxious to go here. I'll worry about my job. We have confidence in here. We'll just worry about what we can do on the ice and the results will come after." (source)

Good News: Sharp's back!: "It's exciting to be back at it. It was a tough game to miss at the home opener. It was kind of a big hit left me feeling jarred. The most important thing is I feel good now. I'm 100 percent and ready to get back at it." (source)

Kane playing in his hometown of Buffalo: "My dad said there was one rule. You always have to be back on time for the game, so whether it was getting our ice cream or our nachos, we always had to be back in time for the period." (source)

In non Hawks news, douchebag on douchebag crime:
Keep it classy Wiz. I might think this is funny, if it wasn't Wiz. But I will always hate Wiz ever since THE HIT. (source: Puck Daddy)



  1. As a Wiz fan, (it's Courtney lol) I must say I feel like he left all his class behind in Chicago when he was traded to the Ducks. It's really sad to see

  2. It is sad, he use to be so funny and likable, but it's good to know that you have let go of the "douchey" Wiz.