Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World Peace

1st period:
-Hockey Fight's Cancer Night at the United Center. Toews gave his stick away to the kid who dropped the puck.
-Stalberg back in the line-up. Scott still in the line-up. Hendry scratched.
-Scary Facts: Cullimore paired up with Scott.
-Puck possession was huge for the Hawks early in the period.
-The Canucks had a lot of opportunities, but once again Turco kept the Hawks in the game. Three terrific saves in row.
-Brouwer had a hard hit against him. He was hurting, but he's a hockey play so what did he do? He got right back out on the ice.
-Hossa had a smooth swoop to take away the puck from a Canuck at center ice. A move only god could make.
-Stalberg showed his speed throughout the first period, then showed his scoring skills. After a pass from Dowell, Stalberg scored with a little over 30 seconds left in the first. Can't say enough good things about the fourth line.
-Every time I heard Alberts' name, I thought of this photo. Good times.
-Scoring Chances:
*Toews looked for the puck after Keith's wrister to the net.
*Boynton with a long pass to Toews. He went off the post.
*Hossa with good speed down the line, but missed Toews.
*Skille with a wrap around the net. He's due for a goal.

2nd Period:
-Ozzie Guillen sat on the glass. Nothing better than when the White Sox and Blackhawks collide.
-Hawks powerplay. First penalty of the game. Hawks vs Canucks and a penalty doesn't come till the 2nd? I'm shocked too.
-Badass moment that wasn't performed by Hossa: Turco came flying out of the goal. Not just a little bit out of the comfort zone, but full blown almost to center ice. He broke up a breakaway. And got called for tripping. It was awesome! If this was Huet in the net, I would be saying he needs to clean his pants. But with Turco in the net, you gotta clean your own pants.
-Keith called for Highsticking with about 25 seconds left in the 2nd.
-Scoring Chances:
*Sharp, Seabrook, and Kane all over the net early in the second. Sharp wanted one badly there, but Luongo was not the Luongo from last night.
*Bolland tried a hack at Luongo next.
*Boynton's shot was redirected. He's been on his game ever since that 'scandal' came out about him and Jen Patterson. Just saying.
*Hossa and Bolland had a 2 on 1.
*Seabrook had shot and Kopecky was called for interference during it. Bullshit call.
*Sharp misses the opportunity to pass on a 2 on 1. He was clearly pushed down by a Canuck.
*Skille with a fancy move to provide Stalberg with a second scoring chance. Skille has transformed this year. He's got skill.

3rd Period:
-A Sedin Sister used it's witch craft to get the puck past Seabrook and Turco to tie the game. Need a Halloween Costume? There ya go! The Sedin Sisters. Creepy? Check.
-Kesler and Hammer collide. Kesler for slashing. Hammer for holding. 4 on 4.
-Bolland drew a slashing penalty after he received a beauty of a pass from Seabrook. 4 on 3.
-In the final minutes of the game, Bieska pushed Toews. Stupid? Yes, but Hawks didn't take advantage.
Scoring Chances:
*Sharp hit a shot off the post, which hit Toews in the mouth. Fat lip, no goal.
*Four Words: Hossa. Breakaway. Jesus Christ. The Sedin Sister's must of had their witch craft guarding the goal, because their is no way Luongo can block the power of Hossa.

Full of nerveracking moments.

Only Canuck that mattered: Samuelsson-MISS

Hawks Win 2-1 in a Shootout! That is now four in a row for the Hawks!

Number One Star: Turco! "@unitedcenter: Turco says he loves you guys and he loves playing here" He's a keeper!

Post-Game Thoughts:
-Each game the Hawks win in a row, we get a little closer to world peace.
-Seabrook's 400th game and the Hawks 4th win. No it's not a coincidence.

Post-Game Reactions:


Coach Q

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