Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hossa out, Morin in

Hossa will be out 2-3 weeks (lower body) after yesterday's collision with Boynton. Morin was already called up and practiced with the team today on a line with Sharp and Brouwer.

Crawford will make the start against the Blues tonight.

Lines from today's morning skate: (source: Marian Hossa out 2-3 weeks with injury)

Viktor Stalberg -- Jonathan Toews -- Patrick Kane

Troy Brouwer -- Patrick Sharp -- Morin

Bryan Bickell -- Dave Bolland -- Tomas Kopecky

John Scott -- Jake Dowell -- Jack Skille


Monday, November 29, 2010

Around the UC:

This is the truest quote I have ever read, but I think he missed a few more adjectives:
"Seabrook is a solid package of size, strength, physical and mental toughness, durability, dependability, maturity, discipline, intensity, shooting ability, passing ability, skating ability, competitiveness and knowledge of the game."
ChicagoBlackhawksBlog: The Best of the Blue Line

-"Currently leading the forward race are Crosby, the Lightning's Steven Stamkos and the Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews. The Blackhawks' Duncan Keith and the Flyers' Chris Pronger are the top two defensemen, and the Canadiens' Carey Price leads all goaltenders in voting that runs until Jan. 3, 2011."
NHL.com: Toews, Keith holding on to starting spots for All-Star Game

-Bowman: ''We believe in the guys we have here,'' Bowman said. ''I like the way that we've responded in terms of our style of play over the last few weeks. ... It's really just getting this team to create their own identity. It's starting to happen. It does take some time. I see good signs.''
Sun-Times: Hawks GM's mix looking like a winning formula

-"The Hawks remain behind the Wings, who once again check in at No.1. They took Columbus down a notch by sweeping the Blue Jackets over the weekend. It dropped the previously surging Jackets to No. 10."
ESPNChicago: Blackhawks inching way back to the top

-Crawford on the Blues: “They’ve got a newer team last couple of years and I really haven’t faced them much. They’re a fast team up front and they have a couple of guys who can play with the puck from the blue line. They’re a young, energetic team and it’s going to be a good game.”
CSNChicago: Crawford earns start, Turco has no hard feelings

-PuckDaddy: What We Learned: Hockey world owes Dustin Byfuglien an apology

-Turco: “Corey is going to play, I think. He should. He has been playing great."
DailyHerald: Blackhawks' Hossa injured, but how badly?

-Keith: "We like the way we finished the road trip off for sure. It's just a matter of keeping it going at home and knowing … we have to compete and play the same way as we do on the road. It's knowing that games aren't going to be any easier just because we're in our building and taking that mindset into games is definitely going to help us out.
ChicagoTribune: After 4-2 road trip, Chicago Blackhawks have issues to address

-Stalberg: “Right when I got here in August I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but Jonathan Toews took me in and let me stay at his place in the weeks before camp and let me hang out that was great,” Stalberg said. “A small thing like that helps a new guy out a lot, especially being in a new city. I didn't have a car, stuff like that, and he was great to me."
DailyHerald: New Hawks feeling right at home

-Hot Streak Pancara Behind the Scenes with Toews and Kane :

More on Hossa:

Boynton: "I was facing backward and he ran into me. I’m not sure if he got the worst of it or what happened. We both didn’t see each other.” (source: Hossa leaves practice after collision with Boynton)

Boynton: "I just kind of got the wind knocked out of me, personally, so I'm not sure if he got the worse end of the stick or what happened. We both obviously didn't see each other, I don't think. So I'm not sure what's up."

CSN's video of the collision (1:05):

Let's hope it's nothing too serious. Hope's all we got right now.

CSN: Kane Helps Light the Sears Tower Christmas Tree on Monday Night

Kane Lighting the Sears Tower Christmas Tree:

Warning: I took the photos, so they're pretty craptastic as always. Enjoy!

For some reason I accidentally filmed it sideways. Oops!

For the Love of Hossa!

@NHLBlackhawks: Boynton and Hossa collided at practice today and Hossa left. No more news at this time

This sucks.
More later...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

California! Here We Come!

They came, They saw, They conquered

The Blackhawks ended the Circus trip with two big California wins. Now it's time to bring those winning ways back to the United Center and get the boys back in red. Before the Blackhawks play against the Blues on Tuesday, here's a look back at yesterday's and tonight's game.

Apparently, the Blackhawks prefer duck on Thanksgiving: 4-1 Blackhawks
Here's a few quick hits from Friday afternoon's game, I was little too busy with family festivities to catch the whole game. When family asks you, "what are you going to do with you life?" And your eyes are on the game, that's a hint that obviously watching Blackhawks games is what your going to do with your life.

-The stars aligned for Seabrook and Keith as they were reunited.
-A shorty by Keith kick started the scoring game for the Blackhawks. Sharp, Hammer, and Brouwer followed his lead with goals of their own.
-Eddie O and Pat Foley are proving to be the Paula Abdul of hockey. We know that's not coke in your coke cup! But that's why we love them.
-The question of the circus trip: WHY DOES THE PUCK LOVE SEABROOKS GROIN?
-Crawford was solid in the net for the Blackhawks and carried it over into the next game.

Photo of the game:

Quote: “Different spots, but yeah it got me there. Today was a little bit more painful than last game. Last game was a direct one and today it deflected off my stick. It doesn’t feel too good, as the men here would know.”

The Blackhawks closed up the final game of the Circus Trip with a big win and a good win over the Kings: 2-1 Blackhawks

-When you put two Patricks together and mix in some beautiful puck handing, you got yourself a Blackhawks goal. Sharp with the goal and Kane with the assist.
-Kane scored his 9th goal of the season, while he crashed the net. It was only fitting that Kane scored the Blackhawks second goal with a little dash of Handsome from Sharp. That would be five goals in six games for the Sharp shooter. He's done his part and it wasn't enough (somehow), so now it's time to do your part and write in Sharp for the 2011 All-Star Game.
-Before the game, we found out that Pisani was out with an upper body injury, which only meant one thing. John Scott's back. Little did we know during all the rage and disappointment, that he was going to kill a man today. Well, he didn't actually kill a guy, but he fucked up his face big time. Excuse my language, but once you see his face you'll understand. The victim: Westgarth. Had no idea who he was before the fight, but now he will be in my nightmares forever.
-Might as well mention a good play by Cullimore, since they're few and far between. He laid out on a 2on1 and deflected the puck to prevent a scoring opportunity. Another accomplishment, he received his first penalty for holding.
-The funniest and saddest statistic of the night: The Kings had three shots in the second.
-For some reason every time the Kings' announcers said shift it sounded like shit. "Most solid shit of the game" "Great second shit for Kings"
-The most shocking moment of the night: Toews fought. Stalberg fought. They fought at the same time. And they didn't fight each other. Personally, seeing Toews fight creeps me out. You don't do that Toews. Be serious, score goals, and film awkward commercials with Kane on the side. That's what you do.
-Toews, Kane, and Bolland were all in the box at the same time. Kane was all like I'm not gonna miss a party!
-Thanks to the party in the box, the Kings had a 5on3. The Kings took advantage and caught Crawford looking right instead of left. The only goal of the night for the Kings.
-Corey Crawford. The Man. The Beast. The Great Bambino. The sultan of swat. The colossus of clout. Okay, this isn't Sandlot and he isn't Babe Ruth, but you get what I mean. He had an awesome game. He kept the Blackhawks in the game, especially towards the end during those heart attack moments.
-Lastly, welcome back Duncan Keith.

Photo of the game:

Quote: Coach Q: “That was probably our best team game as far as finding ways to get through it and guys sticking together." (source: Hawks put forth a complete effort)

Another Quote: Scott: “I heard the ref say stop, stop, stop but he kept going so I kept throwing. He tried to hit me a couple times and he couldn’t reach me. I got long arms. Kind of like a monkey-armed baboon and swing away.”

Videos of the game:

John Scott vs Westgarth's face

Crawford being sweet

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The Blackhawks won 4-1 last night against the Ducks. They take on the Kings tonight at 9:30pm on CSN. Check back later for a recap of both games.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Sharks

Starters: Pisani, Bolland, Bickell, and Seabs/Keith
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott and Hendry

Let's make this a quick one. There's food to be eaten and Blackhawks losses to be forgotten.

The first started off with a hint of jealousy. Can't blame other players for being jealous of Stalberg's fast play and good looks. He was hit hard in front of the Shark's bench. Stalberg walked away pretty with a powerplay and the Sharks walked away with a cold spot in the box. You know not much has happened with your hockey team, when you still continue to boo Campbell every time he touches the puck. Get over it. Speaking of Campbell, he heard boos and then he heard cheers, after being swept off his feet by Murray. Speaking of hits, the Sharks were all over the physical play. They either jammed out to "Let's get physical" or they watched a replay of last season's sweep and were feeling a little bitter. Stalberg did come back with a couple hits of his own. The Blackhawks had an edge over the Sharks in the first and played better. If only they kept it up. They had good chances in the fast paced period, but Niemi showed up and unfortunately he stayed the whole game. Keith's old self made an appearance with a play on an odd man rush for the Sharks at center ice. He stopped what would of been a 2on1. The Sharks took the first bite on a Boynton turnover. Heatley scored on the wrap around. Congratulations are in order for Sharp, who had his 100th shot on goal of the season. The period came to an end with a hit on Seabrook and he didn't like it. Score: 1-0 Sharks. Shots: 12-10 Hawks.

Intermission: We were all introduced to Santa Bobby Hull happily reading One Goal Achieved to some children. Advice: If Santa Bobby Hull is coming down your chimney, remember to leave out the "special" milk.

The hits kept on coming from the Sharks, the hammer was put down on Hammer this time. Still no fire from the Hawks. If you're pushed, you push back. The Sharks took a 2-0 lead, then about 30 seconds later the Hawks scored under a video review. It went off of Skille's skate, then off of Dowell's. Good goal, credited to Dowell. Seabrook was hit in the balls and Pat Foley went on to talk about Seabrook's "weeny." Both moments were cringe worthy. Turnover's must be Boynton's favorite desert this time of year, since he had another helping on the Sharks' third goal. Brouwer vs Clowe. Too much dancing, head moving, and holding jerseys. Brouwer skated away with a loss, but at least he showed some fire. Hossa owned Murray with a huge hit by the net. The Blackhawks failed to capitalize on about 40 seconds with a 5on3. "Niemi says no" doesn't have the same ring to it as it use too. The period closed with a penalty by Kopecky. The Sharks started the third with a powerplay. Score: 3-1 Sharks. Shots: 23-20 Sharks.

I'm saying this through my teeth, but good job by Boynton on the Blackhawks second goal. Credit went to Sharp on the goal. Sharp Attack's are a lot sweet, than Shark attacks. And a lot less messy. Sharks get their fourth goal on Dowell's delay of game penalty. Cullimore was beat on that one. I'm shocked. Another Sharks' powerplay late in the third, thanks to Bickell. And we can thank Bickell again for extending his holding penalty to four mins for running his mouth and receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct. The Sharks' fans not only booed Campbell, but started a Turco chant. Sweet. Bolland gave us hope with a close chance on a wrap around, but damn Murray fell on the puck to stop it. The Sharks sealed the deal with an empty netter. Gotta give credit to Niemi on this one, he came up big for the Sharks. Finding Nemo wasn't so lost. The Blackhawks were hurt and have been hurt by their own inconsistency.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go eat a turkey and pretend it's a Shark. Go stuff your Blackhawks sadness with stuffing.

If you survive Black Friday morning, tune into the Blackhawks vs Ducks at 3:00pm on WGN!

Blackhawks vs Sharks: "Fish are friends, not food."

Niemi may be a friend off the ice, but tonight he is food.

Blackhawks vs Sharks

-Hammer: “I know he’s a competitive guy and always gives 100 percent out there. I’m sure he’s going to have a good game tonight and we’re going to have to be on top of our game to score on him.”

-Kane: "I mean, you shoot on a guy enough in practice you kind of know where you can score on him. I'm not going to tell you guys ..., but if that moment comes, I think I know where I'll shoot."

-"So too, for now, is the identity of the 'Hawk rookie who spent the night in an awesome replica of the "Iron Man" suit of armor."
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Blackhawks down after hearty party

-Bolland: “I remember one time I was hanging out with him and I couldn't get him to shut up. Normally you never hear him. He just says his two words once in awhile and does his job.

-Kane: “He’s an unbelievable goaltender who did a lot of great things for us last season. It’d be nice to play against him though. It was kind of tough the way he left, but overall, he did his job last year.

-Stan Bowman: “The trophy symbolizes everything in hockey. You’re named after it. I’ve been fortunate enough to be around it so much because my dad has won so many Cups. For some people, they’ve never seen it before. I had seen it often because he’s had so many parties with it.”

-"It helps to be friends with one of the restaurant owners: That’s how Blackhawks winger Troy Brouwer got a meatball sub named after him at Ukrainian Village bar The Fifty/50 this month."
(FYI: If you have never been to Hot Doug's or Kuma's Corner, you have not lived life yet. GO NOW!)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bolland On New Roommate Seabrook:

"He's a little weird. When I'm laying in bed ... he just stands over me and stares at me."
(source: @ChrisKuc)

You know Bolland shouldn't be talking...

Around the UC:

-Huet: "I was disappointed, but Antti played well. The bottom line is we won, and there is nothing you can say about coaching or management decisions. I had my chance, and I didn't take it."
ChicagoTribune: For Cristobal Huet, playing in Switzerland feels like exile

-Kane: “It definitely humbles you. 250 points at 22 years old is something I can definitely be proud of. I know I can play better, I can produce even more so hopefully it leads to good things down the road.”
ChicagoBlackhawksBlog: Grants Quote of the Week: Nov. 22-27

-Niemi: "Someone was saying or writing that 'Niemi didn't understand what was going on.' And that's funny because we had these conference calls with my agent. And we'd talk in English and then in Finnish so I knew what was going on the whole time. It was unbelievable reading that."
ESPNChicago: Antti Niemi ready to face former team

-Bolland on Turco: ''A lot of guys have their ups and downs, but having veteran guys that have been through this league helps a lot of young guys with the little things. He's a great guy and a great veteran to have on this team.''
Sun-Times: Marty Turco's family circus trip

-"But while a majority of the photos in this book are of the feel-good variety, here's a warning: many of the photos in “One Goal Achieved” may induce sighs or cause eyes to water because they are of key players from last season who have since departed, players such as Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien and Kris Versteeg. Don't let that deter you, though; this is a first-class book. But what else would you expect from an organization that strives to do everything first class?"
DailyHerald: 'One Goal Achieved,' newest Blackhawks book raises the collectibles bar

-Niemi: "It's been in the back of my head. It's going to be special to meet those guys here at the rink. Of course it's big."
ChicagoTribune: Antti Niemi misses his old teammates

-"Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith are the leaders in the first week of voting in the 2011 NHL All-Star Fan Balloting, presented by XM with 118,755 and 82,968 votes, respectively. Rounding out the top five in votes are team captains Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings with 80,723 votes, Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals with 80,169 votes and Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks with 79,953 votes. More than 3.62 million votes have been cast to date."
Check out the complete list of All-Star voting: NHL.com: Toews, Keith among top All-Star vote-getters thus far

-SecondCityHockey: Thinking Can Get You In A Lot Of Trouble, Errol. I Wouldn't Do So Much Of It

-SubtleLikeSeabrook: Blackhawks Playlist (125 songs)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ain't That Just The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen:

This might possibly be the cutest thing ever. EVER

You win Blackhawks TV, you always win!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How the Blackhawks Stole Vancouver

Every Chicagoan down in Chicago liked the Blackhawks a lot, but the Blackhawks, who were seen just north of Calgary - they did not. The Blackhawks fans hated the Blackhawks play in Calgary - the whole Blackhawks game. Now, please don't ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that their skates were too tight. Or it could be that their helmets weren't screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that their play was two sizes too small.

There was a beautiful sound ringing through Rogers Area, the weeps of Luongo and the boos of Canucks fans. Everything that went wrong the night before went right tonight. In the beginning minutes of the first, the Blackhawks had already passed their hits total from last night's game, which was three. After two penalties by Sharp (tripping) and Bickell (crosschecking), the Blackhawks dominated on the power kill. They allowed zero shots on goal for the Canucks. Lots of blocked shots, including the "yelping" of Hammer. Someone is playing out their new One Goal commercial.

While watching the Blackhawks play the Canucks you quickly remember (or maybe you never forgot) how much you hate the Canucks. Cue the Green Men. They're so last year. Cue Bieksa. What a little bitch. Cue everyone else. Don't think I forgot about you, Sedin Twins. However, there is one thing I do appreciate about the Canucks. Their ability to make stupid penalites. And the amount of stupid penalites they can make in one game. At one point in the game, the Blackhawks were on their sixth consecutive goal, while the Canucks were on their fifth consecutive penalty.

A solid first for the Blackhawks ended in a scoreless tie with time left on the powerplay going into the second. Sharp had two quick chances right off the bat. The Canucks also got their opportunity on a 3on1 against Seabrook, but Crawford with the big save. Sharp wanted one bad, another chance came for him on a 2on1. Jonathan Toew scored on a redirect (Kane to Hossa). It was Kane's 250th point. He's the second youngest Hawk to get there behind Savard.

Brouwer brought the power to put the Blackhawks up 2-0. What a sweet move by Brouwer Ranger, more of that please. His parent's got to witness that beauty in person. Hammer received his first point of the season on Brouwer's goal. Just think of all those points he saved by blocking shots.

The best moment of the game (personally) started with a Blackhawks powerplay (highsticking on Kopecky). Ready? SSSSSSEEEEAAAAABBBBRRRROOOOKKK!!! Props to Hossa on the assist, he was everywhere tonight.
FYI: I called Seabrook's goal in the first. Every time. "It's like I have ESPN or something."

Sharp finally got what he wanted and sent Luongo crying to the dressing room. Alberts called for Boarding on Brouwer. He was slow to get up, but not slow at the mouth, "fuck you Alberts!" The penalties continued for Canucks with a Samuelsson hooking on Kane. The Blackhawks started the third with powerplay time left from the second.

Denying Hossa a shot is like denying God from entering the gates of heaven. Then you go and allow two goals by Pisani. Props to Bolland on the beautiful pass on Pisani's second goal. The Blackhawks had about 30 seconds of 5on3, Coach Q put out the Hawks number one powerplay unit. Kane seals the Blackhawks win with the seventh goal. Unfortunately, no seal on the shutout. Seabrook went to the box for closing his hand on the puck. Can you really blame him. He doesn't know to take his hockey gloves off to pick up a pen, so is it really any surprise he put his hand on the puck? And with that penalty, the shutout was broken. Samuelsson took the pity goal. As the seconds on the clock got smaller, the boos got louder. Hawks win 7-1!

Well, in Chicago they say that the Blackhawks' small play grew three sizes that day.

Post-Game Drama:

Vigneault: "They did everything they could tonight to rub it in our face -- 6-0 and they throw their No. 1 power play unit [out there] when it's a 5-on-3 (power play). They have every right to do that. They did it. They were pushing it, and they did."

Coach Q: "It's tough to comment because I don't know what he's talking about. I was rolling four lines. I don't know if that was an insult or not an insult, but I was worrying about playing everybody. I think I was probably doing it for the opposite reason than I think [why] you're asking that question." (source)

@TimSassone said it all: "You didn't hear Q complaining about the Flames' 7 goals on Friday, but that's what the Canucks do, complain."

You can read more reactions from the players and coaches here: ESPNChicago: Hawks feeling lucky on way to Vegas

The Blackhawks go to Vegas for a couple of days, then play the Sharks on Wednesday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Coach Q

"... there’s nothing to be happy about, nothing to be excited about. So let’s get mad and do something about it."

On to the next one...

Any ounce of effort put into the last game was completely washed away going into today's game. Defense and offense are key elements in hockey games. And when you don't have those key elements, you lose to the Flames 7-2. The game started with promise with a goal by the working man, Skille. The next time the Blackhawks saw promise was with 19 seconds left in the third. Brouwer scored putting the Hawks at 2 goals and 4 goals behind. Whoa, let's not put too much effort into a comeback.

It just wasn't there for the Blackhawks (to say the least). Bad penalties, bad ice, and bad game. We need to see some heart from the boys. Gotta show you wanna win. And then win it. The talent is there.

The Blackhawks should take advantage of back to back games. It's their chance to bounce back and get the Circus Trip back on track. And it would be a little sweeter to do all of that against the Canucks.

If this isn't rock bottom, then I don't wanna know what is. Being spoiled by good hockey is a curse, it makes losing that much harder.

The ball (puck) is in your court Blackhawks. Shoot it.


Around the UC: Happy Birthday Kane!

Blackhawks vs Flames
8:30 pm
-Same line-up
-Hendry/Scott scratched
-Kane's Birthday, which mean he's going to have a badass game.

-Kane:"It was pretty funny, last night it was 10:01 (in Calgary) and Ilooked at my phone and my mom was already wishing me a happy birthday. She wanted to be the first one. I remember growing up on my birthday, I always hoped the Sabres played on my birthday so I could either go to a game or watch a game. Now you get to play on your birthday in the NHL so it's not too bad."
DailyHerald: Kane adds another year

-Sharp:"He's doesn't wear Abercrombie & Fitch shirts to the rink anymore. He actually wears dress shirts and ties. His style had gotten a little bit better. He's been around the league for so long and played in so many big games that he handles himself like a veteran." Sun-Times: Patrick Kane celebrates his birthday again in Calgary

-Coach Q:“When Johnny gets going, he gets on a roll. I don’t want to say he’s streaky, but he can score in bunches.”
ESPNChicago: Hat trick brings smile to Toews

-Seabrook:''We played really well [Wednesday]. [Goaltender] Marty [Turco] made some big saves throughout the game to keep the momentum. Our defense played really well. Our forwards did a good job of tracking back through the middle. We still have a bit of way to go to be where we want to be, but things are going in the right direction, and that's good for us.''
Sun-Times: Hawks might be kissing their possession pains goodbye

-Stalberg on Seabs/Sharp wrestlings matches:“They’re like 12-year-olds. They can do their wrestling matches. Not me.”
ESPNChicago: Blackhawks' spirits high in Calgary

-PuckDaddy: Jersey Fouls: Patrick Kane Cab Company and ads on hockey jerseys

-Campbell:"All around I think everybody's contributing in areas and helping out defensively. We're not cheating and we're really trying to concentrate on playing solid defensively. It seems like that allows us to get on the offense more and allows us more chances. It's nice when you look up halfway through the game and see the shots at a pretty low number."
ChicagoTribune: For Hawks, better defense paying off

-ESPNChicago: Toews talks hat trick and road trip:

-Morning Skate Videos:



Coach Q


Pure Gold:

Bobby Hull to take the stage in A Christmas Carol for one night only.
Oh, what a night that should be.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New One Goal Commercials: Sharp and Hammer

(source: Blackhawks TV)

BP (Blackhawks Play) Oil Spill!

Starters: Sharp, Bolland, Hossa, and Keith/Boynton.
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Hendry and Scott

Before going into the recap, might as well point out the big elephant in the room:
Jonathan Toews' HATTRICK.

-The Blackhawks brought their act of juggling the puck to the ice early in the game. An ugly shift (pointing at you Boynton and Keith). They were cooking up a tray full of turnovers.
-"Keith to Seabrook, Seabrook over to Keith." Saw just glimpse of this. I miss this.
-Pisani was honored in a tribute during a commercial break.
-Possible Foreshadow: "If Skille scores a hat trick in tonight's game, Blah Blah Blah will win a car." Spoiler Alert: You're not getting a car.
-Question: Cullimore weren't you suppose to stay back with the circus?
-Toews grabbed Seabrook's rebound for his first goal and certainly not his last.
-Blackhawks put the pressure on the Oilers, Hossa with a godly shift on the powerplay.
-Toews scored his second goal on the powerplay with Peckham in the box.
-Shots: 20-4 Blackhawks

-Apparently, people don't like when you say the H word, Hattrick. It has to do with some belief of jinxing. I'll say it again, good players don't get jinxed. Fast forward a couple minutes later, BOOM! Toews scores a HATTRICK! Cue Seabrook (2:00):
-Vandermeer called for boarding, after putting Skille head first into the boards. Dowell wasn't too happy.
-Turco lost the puck between his legs at some point.
-Things that will always make me laugh: Soupy spin-o-rama.
-Sharp's last goal was against Edmonton, so why not make it a tradition. With the help of Dowell, Sharp made it 4-0 with his shorty:
"Shorty's like a melody in my head
That I can't keep out
Got me singin' like
'Do-do-do-do-do-do' everyday"
-Shots: 34-12 Blackhawks

-5-0 Bickell!
-Skille working hard as always.
-Vandermeer takes stupid penalties.

A Shutout. A HatTrick. A Blackhawks Win. All is Right in the World of Hockey.

The HatTrick:

Goal One

Goal Two

Goal Three

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Circus Trip Memories: "I like fire and I like to jump"

Last season's Blackhawks TV video: Which Circus Act Would You Be?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Around the UC:

-Sharp:“Well, No. 1 on the hit list is Brent Seabrook, my former roommate. We tried it out and it lasted about three nights. I couldn’t take his superstitions or his constant calling to his girlfriend on the phone and his I-chat on the computer. It was just embarrassing."

Sharp:"One guy I do like, well, it's two guys, but it’s really the same guy are the Slovaks: Tomas Kopecky and Marian Hossa. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Two of the same people. Wherever Hoss is, Kopy is right there doing it."
ESPNChicago: Sharp to keep it loose on trip

-Coach Q:"Johnny is a great kid. When talking with him and seeing him I think that he might assume all the responsibility and burden of what's going on on his own shoulders as opposed to it being shared by the coaches or his teammates. I talk to him (and say), 'Just play and be the best you can be. You're a great leader and a great example for how we want guys to compete and play.' He's a perfect citizen, a perfect teammate and a perfect captain."
ChicagoTribune: Toews' leadership skills put to the test

-Coach Q:"It's a trip we're looking forward to. We're looking for some results. We want to get off to a fast start this trip, so let's make sure there's a lot of concentration and focus going into (Wednesday's) game."
ChicagoBreakingSports: Blackhawks eagerly embark on 'circus trip'

-ChicagoNowHomers: The Hangover: Blackhawks edition

-"1. Coaching: This is where Quenneville earns his new paycheck. No surprise there. Not many Stanley Cup winning coaches will have to say good-bye to 10 players and then work in a new group while also dealing with a fan base that expects a return to the promised land. After all, it was general manager Stan Bowman who stressed the core was still intact and having that was more important than anything.

Of course, he was right, but teams don’t win championships without becoming teams. Quenneville has some work to do in getting players to accept roles as he did last year. It is starting to come. Jack Skille is understanding what he needs to be in a third or fourth line role. Bryan Bickell and Troy Brouwer are being more physical than earlier in the season when scoring goals may have been on their minds. Quenneville was a master at getting it done from Versteeg to Dustin Byfuglien last year. Now, he has to do it all over again. Though some may disagree, it is slowly starting to come together, but no longer is it early. Quenneville has to stress exactly that: We’re a quarter of the way done with the season and a rough start needs to turn into a successful middle or it will be a quick end."
ESPNChicago: 10 things to know after 20 games

-Sun: That's funny. What about them in the limo out here with their shirts off?
Bissonnette (BizNasty): Yeah, him and John Madden. Guy has a body of a milk bag.
VancouverSun: Paul Bissonnette: Gross Misconduct Q&A

-Kane: ''Last year, we obviously had a lot of characters. This year, guys are coming together and trying to get comfortable and see what it's like as a team. Even the veterans are trying to get comfortable with players that weren't here last year.It's picking up a little bit. I would say it was quiet at the beginning of the year. It's nice when you win, and everyone gets pumped up and excited. But a road trip can really help bond some teams and teammates.''
Sun-Times: Win-loose situation needed

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Monday, November 15, 2010

2011 All-Star Game:

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It's The Mighty Blackhawks, Not The Mighty Ducks

It's actually three for the Blackhawks with a 3-2 overtime win over the Ducklings. This game was a step in the right direction for the Blackhawks. Now it's time to carry this over to the Circus trip, which starts this week.

Starters: Toews, Kane, Stalberg, and Keith/Boynton
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Hendry and Scott

Bolland got familiar with the ice to start off the game. He went down, after what appeared to be pain in his left leg. He limped to the bench, but came back shortly after. It's much easier to shake off a leg, then to shake off a back. Brouwer drew a hooking penalty, that sent Lydman to the box and the Blackhawks to the powerplay. Kane immediately made Lydman regret ever making any sort of hooking gesture with a powerplay goal to the put the Hawks on top 1-0. Kane scored off of Sharp's rebound. Now everyone get your pretend surprise face ready! Just 57 seconds later, Perry tied the game for the Ducks. Keith wasn't so pretty on that one and Keith wasn't so Norris on that one. A Keith turnover, leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Campbell cooked up a scoring opportunity favored soup with a great pass to Toews. However, Hiller equaled Campbell's pass with a good save. Camera zoomed up on Bolland trying to get the puck, looked like Bolland cleaning out a turkey's ass. The first ended with penalty on Hossa and a penalty killed.

-Hiller was giving up some pretty tasty rebounds, the Hawks needed to eat those up and capitalize. Voros had a hard hit from behind on Brouwer, who lost his helmet. Boynton jumped in to exchange a few words, while Voros was called for interference. That's penalty number two drawn by Brouwer. The Ducks were handing off powerplays left and right, this time getting called for two many Ducks on the pond. Hossa was quiet since coming back, but you know what they say God never goes out of style. Only men with great power can score off their own rebound.

Missed the 3rd period due to cooking a 30 pound turkey, no big deal or anything. To keep myself in Blackhawks mode, I pretended it was a Duck. Somewhere along the way the Ducks tied the game, shocker! However, I popped my head in to see overtime and BOOM! That's a Blackhawks winner. Much like Hossa only women with great power can walk into a room and cause the Blackhawks to score or I guess the Swedish beauty can do that too....

With the Christmas season vastly approaching, this is a song for Duncan Keith:

Where are you Duncan
Why can't we find you
Why have you gone away
Where is the play
You used to bring me
Why can't I hear Chelsea play

Original: "Where Are You Christmas"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quicks hits: Blackhawks vs Predators

Didn't get to watch the game live, but went back to watch a few golden moments.

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Brouwer, and Cullimore/Campbell.
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott and Hendry
Lines: Kane/Bolland/Hossa

This was the first time the Blackhawks had a full healthy line-up this season. Bolland was back and Scott was scratched, things were looking up. This was a chance to turn it all around. The Blackhawks definitely showed improvement and it wasn't a terrible game. The Blackhawks just need to get through this rough patch. They move on to the Circus Trip, after tomorrow's game against the Mighty Ducks.

Quick Hits:

-The world rushed to their local grocery stores to stack up on canned foods, after Skille scored his first goal of the season. That's right he finally did it, after many games and many opportunities. To everyone's surprise the world did not end and the canned foods were not necessary. Congratulations Skille you're finally a man!

-If Predators and country music aren't scary enough, Hossa limped off the ice. Screams and cries were heard around Chicago and even Nashville as he went to the dressing room. Screams and cries were heard again as he came back out. Thank god. Thank Hossa.

-Skille must have gotten the hang of it or he was making up for lost time, he put the puck in the net to take a 3-2 Blackhawks lead. We believed in you, Skille. Well apparently the Blackhawks didn't believe in you too much, since they didn't put you on the powerplay.

-Stalberg continued to play well. He tied the game 2-2 for his fifth goal of the season. However, like Skille, he didn't see much powerplay time either. Where's the ice time for Skille and Stalberg? They should be out on the ice, instead of warming the bench for the "stars" and Kopecky. I don't understand.

-Other standouts: Bickell had a huge hit on Hornqvist, he was just doing what we all wanna do. Boynton also brought the muscle for the physical play. Hammer played wing man to Turco with blocked shots. Nine in total. Speaking of Turco, he was solid throughout the game, but had some hiccups in the shootout. Oh and the three goals.

-The Blackhawks were well represented in Nashville!

-The Powerplay: Poopy.

-The Fourth Line: You mean the first line.

-The Shootout: Fail.

The Blackhawks lost 4-3.

Just a little advice, maybe Toews and Kane should get off their video phones to play some hockey. Awful pick up lines and awkward commercials don't produce to wins.

Post-Game Text Message from the Blackhawks: Hey Blackhawks lost but go buy our new license plates!

Skille's First Goal:

New Commercial with Toews and Kane: Dell Streak

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blackhawks Practice, Chicago's Favorite Past-Time:

(Click To Enlarge All Photos, They're Better That Way)

Ice, Where the Action Happens:

Coach Q, The Boss:

Stalberg, The Swedish Beauty:

Equipment, What Makes the Hockey World Go Round:

Boynton, The Beginning Of A Creepy Mustache:

Candid Moments, Always The Best Moments:

Photos By Corie Jean Walsh