Saturday, November 6, 2010

Awakening the Beast

Starters: Kane, Toews, Stalberg, and Hammer/Campbell
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Cullimore

Pre-game: Ladd, Buff, and too much blue.


Skille was called for the game's first penalty and certainly not it's last. He went to the box for holding on Buff. Not the smartest move by Skille considering he was in the offensive zone, which leads us to our next thing...The Thrashers score first. And what do you know? Buff has an assist on Andropov's goal. Skille kept the seat warm for Stalberg, who went in for roughing. Last time I checked, it takes two (in this case several) to rough. He wasn't the only player scuffling by the net. The Blackhawks went to their first powerplay and so far the powerplay's brought good luck. It was no different for the Hawks. Toews tied the game 1-1 with a huge slapshot from Seabrook, who came from the bench, that landed right on Toews' stick. The post became Turco's third arm. The Thrasher's hit one right off the post, while Turco was busy on the other side. Another close call came on the Thrasher's powerplay, when Turco lost control of Buff's shot in between his legs. Speaking of Buff, him and Toews had some one on one action. It wasn't weird at all. Toews lost that battle. The Blackhawks joined the Thrashers on the powerplay for a 4 on 4. Kane scored for the second powerplay goal and took a 2-1 lead. Coach Q must have gotten through to Toews and Kane. The sleeping giant of Toews and Kane had woken.

Intermission: Stalberg interview (foreshadow)


Just like the first, the second began with another Thrashers' powerplay (Sharp/Tripping). And just like the first, it led to another Thrashers' goal. Kane, the other Kane, tied the game. But the real credit goes to the inside of Turco's pad. The Thrashers took the lead seconds later, while Turco was basically doing a head stand. He was all over the place the whole game. Sometimes I don't even understand how he can move like that with those pads on. We can officially say (at least for now) Welcome back Toews! He had his second goal of the night to tie the game 3-3. Stalberg and Eager got into it a little bit. The Thrashers scored on the damn powerplay again, after Kane was called for highsticking. The scoring 101 on that goal: passing (Ladd assist). Must point out Seabrook put effort in to that one by sprawling out. You know what they say, you can't block 'em all. The shock of the game came when Kane leveled out Oduya, which just points out how more embarrassing Scott is. He was manhandled at some point in the game. It's not the greatest point in your hockey career when you have to take physical tips from Kane. The second ended with the game tied 4-4 and Toews with four points. His first four point game in his career (regular season).


Turco has never lost a game to the Thrashers (spoiler alert: he still hasn't lost a game). Morin was hit in the back of the knee with a puck, while sliding to block. He was clearly in a lot of pain. He came back out on the ice for a short shift to test out his leg, but quickly went back to the dressing room. There's one person in particular, who desperately needs Hossa and that is Kopecky. His play has dropped in the last several games without Hossa. Tonight, he had an open goal and failed to wrap it around the post on a 4 on 2. Skille tried so hard to get his first goal again. He wants one so bad, but it's just not happening. He rushed hard to the net at one point and ended up in the net. I would love to see him do shoot the puck at the UC during intermission. While Skille wanted his first one, Kane wanted his third of the game. He was close on an attempt, that involved a cute little move on Buff. Kane got right past him and left him staring straight ahead, dumbfounded. The third ended in a tie.


Toews and Kane came very close on a pass from Hammer. As usual it was the heart attack inducing hockey.


STALBERG! That handsome son of a bitch!

Final word:

The Blackhawks win and now the world is back on track for world peace. And Stalberg attempts to solve global warming.

Next game:

Tomorrow (Sunday)
Blackhawks vs Oilers
6:00 pm
Hossa could possibly play tomorrow. This just proves sometimes God personally delivers prayers.

Thank God. Thank Hossa.

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