Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blackhawks vs Thrashers:

Practice was a little different today. An unhappy Coach Q cut practice short. Hopefully this will light a spark under their butts.

Coach Q: “Just didn’t like the way it was going and wanted to keep the energy for tonight. I just think we can be sharper, that’s all.”

Turco: “It kind of stems from the unhappiness where we are as a team and attitude we’re maintaining and position we are with our team.”

Toews: “Yeah, he saw it was a better thing to cut practice short so that’s what he did so there is nothing to talk about. Obviously, yeah, there is a message. Just want to be ready for the game tonight.”

Stalberg: “He’s a pretty constructive guy so you don’t see him mad all the time. He’s going to have moments like that. He was right out there. We didn’t come out prepared the way we wanted to this morning. It’s a wake-up call for all the guys. I feel like it’s not a bad thing.”

Source: ESPNChicago: Irked Quenneville pulls Hawks off ice

Turco: "I think he had a right to be a little (upset) about it all. It has a little to do with today and a lot to do with other things that have been going on probably. Our record speaks for it but more about why our record is what it is."

Campbell: "He expects a lot of energy out of us. The morning skate we were out there 20 minutes, the least we can do is provide that for him. It really set the tone for tonight. We better be ready because it's a lot of pressure that way on us. It's something we need to deal with and be better all around."

Source: ChicagoTribune: Irked Quenneville pulls Blackhawks off ice

Campbell:"It really sets the tone for tonight. We better be ready."

Source: SunTimes: Joel Quenneville abruptly ends morning skate before Thrashers game


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