Sunday, November 28, 2010

California! Here We Come!

They came, They saw, They conquered

The Blackhawks ended the Circus trip with two big California wins. Now it's time to bring those winning ways back to the United Center and get the boys back in red. Before the Blackhawks play against the Blues on Tuesday, here's a look back at yesterday's and tonight's game.

Apparently, the Blackhawks prefer duck on Thanksgiving: 4-1 Blackhawks
Here's a few quick hits from Friday afternoon's game, I was little too busy with family festivities to catch the whole game. When family asks you, "what are you going to do with you life?" And your eyes are on the game, that's a hint that obviously watching Blackhawks games is what your going to do with your life.

-The stars aligned for Seabrook and Keith as they were reunited.
-A shorty by Keith kick started the scoring game for the Blackhawks. Sharp, Hammer, and Brouwer followed his lead with goals of their own.
-Eddie O and Pat Foley are proving to be the Paula Abdul of hockey. We know that's not coke in your coke cup! But that's why we love them.
-The question of the circus trip: WHY DOES THE PUCK LOVE SEABROOKS GROIN?
-Crawford was solid in the net for the Blackhawks and carried it over into the next game.

Photo of the game:

Quote: “Different spots, but yeah it got me there. Today was a little bit more painful than last game. Last game was a direct one and today it deflected off my stick. It doesn’t feel too good, as the men here would know.”

The Blackhawks closed up the final game of the Circus Trip with a big win and a good win over the Kings: 2-1 Blackhawks

-When you put two Patricks together and mix in some beautiful puck handing, you got yourself a Blackhawks goal. Sharp with the goal and Kane with the assist.
-Kane scored his 9th goal of the season, while he crashed the net. It was only fitting that Kane scored the Blackhawks second goal with a little dash of Handsome from Sharp. That would be five goals in six games for the Sharp shooter. He's done his part and it wasn't enough (somehow), so now it's time to do your part and write in Sharp for the 2011 All-Star Game.
-Before the game, we found out that Pisani was out with an upper body injury, which only meant one thing. John Scott's back. Little did we know during all the rage and disappointment, that he was going to kill a man today. Well, he didn't actually kill a guy, but he fucked up his face big time. Excuse my language, but once you see his face you'll understand. The victim: Westgarth. Had no idea who he was before the fight, but now he will be in my nightmares forever.
-Might as well mention a good play by Cullimore, since they're few and far between. He laid out on a 2on1 and deflected the puck to prevent a scoring opportunity. Another accomplishment, he received his first penalty for holding.
-The funniest and saddest statistic of the night: The Kings had three shots in the second.
-For some reason every time the Kings' announcers said shift it sounded like shit. "Most solid shit of the game" "Great second shit for Kings"
-The most shocking moment of the night: Toews fought. Stalberg fought. They fought at the same time. And they didn't fight each other. Personally, seeing Toews fight creeps me out. You don't do that Toews. Be serious, score goals, and film awkward commercials with Kane on the side. That's what you do.
-Toews, Kane, and Bolland were all in the box at the same time. Kane was all like I'm not gonna miss a party!
-Thanks to the party in the box, the Kings had a 5on3. The Kings took advantage and caught Crawford looking right instead of left. The only goal of the night for the Kings.
-Corey Crawford. The Man. The Beast. The Great Bambino. The sultan of swat. The colossus of clout. Okay, this isn't Sandlot and he isn't Babe Ruth, but you get what I mean. He had an awesome game. He kept the Blackhawks in the game, especially towards the end during those heart attack moments.
-Lastly, welcome back Duncan Keith.

Photo of the game:

Quote: Coach Q: “That was probably our best team game as far as finding ways to get through it and guys sticking together." (source: Hawks put forth a complete effort)

Another Quote: Scott: “I heard the ref say stop, stop, stop but he kept going so I kept throwing. He tried to hit me a couple times and he couldn’t reach me. I got long arms. Kind of like a monkey-armed baboon and swing away.”

Videos of the game:

John Scott vs Westgarth's face

Crawford being sweet

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