Saturday, November 20, 2010

How the Blackhawks Stole Vancouver

Every Chicagoan down in Chicago liked the Blackhawks a lot, but the Blackhawks, who were seen just north of Calgary - they did not. The Blackhawks fans hated the Blackhawks play in Calgary - the whole Blackhawks game. Now, please don't ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that their skates were too tight. Or it could be that their helmets weren't screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that their play was two sizes too small.

There was a beautiful sound ringing through Rogers Area, the weeps of Luongo and the boos of Canucks fans. Everything that went wrong the night before went right tonight. In the beginning minutes of the first, the Blackhawks had already passed their hits total from last night's game, which was three. After two penalties by Sharp (tripping) and Bickell (crosschecking), the Blackhawks dominated on the power kill. They allowed zero shots on goal for the Canucks. Lots of blocked shots, including the "yelping" of Hammer. Someone is playing out their new One Goal commercial.

While watching the Blackhawks play the Canucks you quickly remember (or maybe you never forgot) how much you hate the Canucks. Cue the Green Men. They're so last year. Cue Bieksa. What a little bitch. Cue everyone else. Don't think I forgot about you, Sedin Twins. However, there is one thing I do appreciate about the Canucks. Their ability to make stupid penalites. And the amount of stupid penalites they can make in one game. At one point in the game, the Blackhawks were on their sixth consecutive goal, while the Canucks were on their fifth consecutive penalty.

A solid first for the Blackhawks ended in a scoreless tie with time left on the powerplay going into the second. Sharp had two quick chances right off the bat. The Canucks also got their opportunity on a 3on1 against Seabrook, but Crawford with the big save. Sharp wanted one bad, another chance came for him on a 2on1. Jonathan Toew scored on a redirect (Kane to Hossa). It was Kane's 250th point. He's the second youngest Hawk to get there behind Savard.

Brouwer brought the power to put the Blackhawks up 2-0. What a sweet move by Brouwer Ranger, more of that please. His parent's got to witness that beauty in person. Hammer received his first point of the season on Brouwer's goal. Just think of all those points he saved by blocking shots.

The best moment of the game (personally) started with a Blackhawks powerplay (highsticking on Kopecky). Ready? SSSSSSEEEEAAAAABBBBRRRROOOOKKK!!! Props to Hossa on the assist, he was everywhere tonight.
FYI: I called Seabrook's goal in the first. Every time. "It's like I have ESPN or something."

Sharp finally got what he wanted and sent Luongo crying to the dressing room. Alberts called for Boarding on Brouwer. He was slow to get up, but not slow at the mouth, "fuck you Alberts!" The penalties continued for Canucks with a Samuelsson hooking on Kane. The Blackhawks started the third with powerplay time left from the second.

Denying Hossa a shot is like denying God from entering the gates of heaven. Then you go and allow two goals by Pisani. Props to Bolland on the beautiful pass on Pisani's second goal. The Blackhawks had about 30 seconds of 5on3, Coach Q put out the Hawks number one powerplay unit. Kane seals the Blackhawks win with the seventh goal. Unfortunately, no seal on the shutout. Seabrook went to the box for closing his hand on the puck. Can you really blame him. He doesn't know to take his hockey gloves off to pick up a pen, so is it really any surprise he put his hand on the puck? And with that penalty, the shutout was broken. Samuelsson took the pity goal. As the seconds on the clock got smaller, the boos got louder. Hawks win 7-1!

Well, in Chicago they say that the Blackhawks' small play grew three sizes that day.

Post-Game Drama:

Vigneault: "They did everything they could tonight to rub it in our face -- 6-0 and they throw their No. 1 power play unit [out there] when it's a 5-on-3 (power play). They have every right to do that. They did it. They were pushing it, and they did."

Coach Q: "It's tough to comment because I don't know what he's talking about. I was rolling four lines. I don't know if that was an insult or not an insult, but I was worrying about playing everybody. I think I was probably doing it for the opposite reason than I think [why] you're asking that question." (source)

@TimSassone said it all: "You didn't hear Q complaining about the Flames' 7 goals on Friday, but that's what the Canucks do, complain."

You can read more reactions from the players and coaches here: ESPNChicago: Hawks feeling lucky on way to Vegas

The Blackhawks go to Vegas for a couple of days, then play the Sharks on Wednesday.

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