Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"It's Thanksgiving with the Sharps, Thanksgiving with the Sharps"

Today on Sharp Attack!:

-On Stalberg saying Sharp's wife wears the pants in the relationship: "Well, seeing as Abby is standing beside me right now, I'm probably going to have to agree with that statement."

-On Stalberg denying he goes to the tanning bed: "I don't know who has a naturally bronze skin tone without going to the tanning bed."

-On Stalberg: "He's awful orange."

-On the team voting him as best politician: "I'm not sure if the teammates are complimenting me or making fun of me."

-On the team Thanksgiving: "They just have to remind some of the dummies, like Big John Scott, not to eat too much turkey."

-On Seabrook: "He'll be in the meal room for about four hours."

-On Seabrook: "He drags the room service carts all around the hotel."

Listen to the whole segment here: Sharp Attack!

You can listen to Stalberg's interview from last week here

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