Friday, November 19, 2010

On to the next one...

Any ounce of effort put into the last game was completely washed away going into today's game. Defense and offense are key elements in hockey games. And when you don't have those key elements, you lose to the Flames 7-2. The game started with promise with a goal by the working man, Skille. The next time the Blackhawks saw promise was with 19 seconds left in the third. Brouwer scored putting the Hawks at 2 goals and 4 goals behind. Whoa, let's not put too much effort into a comeback.

It just wasn't there for the Blackhawks (to say the least). Bad penalties, bad ice, and bad game. We need to see some heart from the boys. Gotta show you wanna win. And then win it. The talent is there.

The Blackhawks should take advantage of back to back games. It's their chance to bounce back and get the Circus Trip back on track. And it would be a little sweeter to do all of that against the Canucks.

If this isn't rock bottom, then I don't wanna know what is. Being spoiled by good hockey is a curse, it makes losing that much harder.

The ball (puck) is in your court Blackhawks. Shoot it.


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