Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recap: Hawks vs Devils

I guess now would be the time to use this post as 'the sky is falling' rant, but this is what happened and it sucked:

Starters: Sharp, Kopecy, Stalberg, and Hammer/Soupy.
Goalie: Turco

This was the only meeting between the Blackhawks and the Devils. It was the only chance for the Hawks to make the Devils remember them. Well, the Devils will remember this one as the game they actually won and embarrassed the Blackhawks.

-Seabrook was hit in the face. All I heard on the radio: "Seabrook is shakin' up." And they went on and on about it, while I was freaking out like a blind person listening to the radio.
-The Devils had a couple turnovers in the early minutes of the first. Toews and Kane had an opportunity, but the Hawks failed to capitalize. Wait, Toews and Kane were on the ice? I didn't seem to notice them. AT ALL.
-The Hawks were called for their favorite penalty, too many men on the ice.
-It was the battle of the puck between the Marty's, they were working it.
-Brodeur saved a nice shot by Stalberg on a 2 on 1. Stalberg wanted that one.
-The fourth line had a pretty decent shift. Let me remind who was on the fourth line: Scott, Pisani, Hendry. Enough said.
-My game feed randomly went out for a moment. When it came back on, Arnott had scored on a turnover by Soupy. It was an omen.
-Dowell vs Mair. It's usually an automatic loss for Dowell, but he won this one. He missed a few punches in the beginning. In the end, he took down Mair and even drew some blood. He's growing up.
-Delay of game for Turco. Little bit of a bullshit penalty considering the puck bounced off of Turco's chest.
-End of the 1st, 1-0 Devils. Shots 8-5 Devils.
-Minature ice skaters from a Christmas village looked more lively than the Blackhawks in this period.

Intermission: Hendry interview. The fourth line had the best shift in the first? Imagine that.
Radio Commercials: Brouwer Brothers cleaning service? What?
Hossa on the talking lemonhead: "He calls me dude. I like that."

-Finishing off the pk, Turco beat Langenbrunner early in the period with a nice save.
-Soupy had a massive hit. The turnover must of woken up the hockey player in him.
-The trainer came out to take a look at Brodeur. Play resumed, but quickly stopped. Broudeur left the game, because of what looked like his right arm area. Hedberg in the goal.
-Will Skille ever score? He had two scoring opportunites right after one another. One was a breakaway, but Heberg found away to keep him from ever getting a goal.
-The Hawks received their first powerplay from a highsticking by Tallinder.
-It looked as if Pisani had scored his first goal as a Blackhawk, but credit went to Soupy.
-Another Blackhawks powerplay to end the second (interference). Score: 2-1 Devils, Shots: 20-14 Blackhawks.

Intermission: Seabrook Interview.
Radio Commercials: Sharp's shaving commercial: "Being Sharp you need an edge." PUN!

-Pisani was hooked by Tallinder, off to another powerplay. Pisani made it hurt too. He tied the game, while getting his first goal as a Blackhawk.
-Seabrook and Stalberg had two assists each.
-The Hawks killed the penalty (Skille, Tripping) with the help of Hammer laying out to block a shot.
-Seabrook and Cullimore literally save the Hawks with their defense play during a heart attack moment. Yes, even Cullimore.
-Things just got ugly from here on out. It all started with an ugly, cheap goal by Miles (first NHL goal). The late goals always kill the Hawks.
-Would just like to point out that there was clearly a trip on Skille, but no call.
-The Devils kept putting shots (empty netters) in an already dead Blackhawks game and somewhere in between Stalberg gave one last breath for the Hawks.
-Final Score: 5-3 Devils

Obviously, the Blackhawks have a lot to do and change. There's a point when you have to actually DO something instead of just talking about it.

In the words of my brother, "Tonight was too poopy for words."

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