Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Oilers


Starters: Toews, Kane, Stalberg, and Seabs/Keith.
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Bickell and Cullimore
Hossa was back and Morin played, even though he left yesterday's game early.

Fourteen seconds. That's all it took.

-The United Center filled with cheers as Hossa came out for his first shift. Perhaps the loudest cheers came from the ice, Kopecky.
-Seabrook with a nice set-up on a close scoring opportunity. It all started with a huge hit by Vandermeer on Toews, then Kane picked up the puck to pass it to Seabrook. It all ended with a good save by Khabibulin.
-Pisani received a pass from Skille (assist) to put the Blackhawks up 1-0.
-Two broken sticks for Scott. Two shots for Scott. Scott's stick doesn't even want to be associated with Scott, which is why it bails on him at the very last second of every shot.
-In the last few seconds of the first, the Blackhawks went to the powerplay after a slash on Scott. What do you know? Add another broken stick to Scott's list. It was a hat trick of sorts.
-Crawford was solid in the net, especially after a turnover at the blue line (nine saves).
-Side note: There was a brightness overload on WGN, the ice was almost non-existent. That's what happens when God is on the ice.

Intermission: Pisani Interview.

-Good shifts for the fourth line of Pisani, Skille, and Scott.
-The Blackhawks quickly went back on the powerplay with a holding on Pisani.
-Brouwer rocked Fraser. That's how you say hello to old teammates on the ice.
-Stortini exchanged words with Scott and it look as if Scott wasn't interested. Fast forward to a shift later and Scott almost killed Stortini. He landed some huge punches and uppercuts. Scott skated away with a win and Stortini skated away with a jersey over his head. Now that's the Scott we like to see.

Intermission: The Blackhawks won two Emmy Awards! Congrats Blackhawks TV! Read more here

-The third opened with scoring chances by the Oilers. The Crawford used his third arm, the goal post, on a shot by Hall.
-Kopecky was crushed by Vandermeer. Kopecky's head went straight through the class. The first thing he did, asked the fans if they were okay. I was most surprised by the fact that Kopecky's helmet constantly comes off throughout the game for no reason, but when he goes through glass his helmet stays on perfectly. It's a mystery.
-The Oilers had two quick powerplays and two quick goals. Foster tied it, then Gagner took the lead seconds later.
-Kopecky having a rough night. He took a bad/stupid penalty. He must be thinking, so much for Hossa being back. God can't answer all prayers, sorry Kopecky.
-The Hawks define close chance with about five minutes left in the third, but there's a reason you get the nickname Bulin Wall.
-Seabrook's stick went into the crowd. Talk about right seat, right game.
-Empty net for the Blackhawks with a minute left. Oilers miss the empty net. I would laugh if the Blackhawks weren't about to lose.
-Scuffling broke out with eight seconds to go in the third.

Home is starting to suck. Blackhawks lose 2-1. Not the best way to start a Monday.

Here's Scott's fight:

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