Monday, November 1, 2010

Recap: Hawks vs Rangers

Scratches: Bickell and Boynton
Goalie: Turco


-Hey, look there's a 51 on the ice!
-The Rangers went to the powerplay early with holding penalty by Pisani.
-Turco saved the Hawks during the pp with a desperation save. Usually you save the puck facing away from the net, but Turco works it either way.
-Sharp almost got away with smooth breakaway, but Lundqvist kept up with him and a last minute move screwed him.
-Hammer made a last attempt at Halloween when he was hit with a puck in the face. He went for the vampire victim look with all the blood.
-Toews helped Brouwer develop a scoring opportunity on a solid shift.
-The Hawks received their first powerplay on a highstick to Brent 'angel face' Seabrook. Watch your stick, Christensen!
-Hawks scored first with a redirect by Kopecky on Keith's shot. That one was for Hossa as a get well goal from Kopecky.
-Dubinsky left a bad taste after scoring with only 20 seconds in period. Last minute goals are never pretty ones and should never be allowed.


-A couple of nice saves by Turco to start the period.
-There are moments in life where Kane's pocket size comes in handy. He avoided a hit by Dubinsky. He snuck his way out of that somehow.
-Kopecky helped a stick-less Hammer on an odd man rush.
- Brouwer had yet another scoring chance, but waited too long to shoot and got pummeled. That's what you get for waiting.
-Potulny hit the ice and stayed down. Blackhawks fans said, "oh shit," in unison. The last thing the Hawks need is another injury. However, all he got was a puck to the face and was back later in the game.
-They put the pressure on the Rangers with a great shift. Toews, Kane, and Pisani were firing away at the net and Turco tried to help keep the play alive.
-Keith had a takedown along the boards, then got nailed along the boards himself. The only time I noticed Scott was during this sequence, which he did nothing to help Keith. Just keep doing what you do Scott. Nothing.
-Avery put the puck over the glass for a delayed penalty.
-The period ended with Keith in the box for hooking.

-Dubinsky scored his second goal of the game.
-Kane was all like "Remember me" with his weird angled goal to tie the game 2-2.
-Literally seconds later the Rangers shit on the Blackhawks parade with a goal by Christensen. Yeah, the same Christensen who highsticked Seabrook in the face.
-The Hawks got a powerplay after too many men on the ice. Surprising, it wasn't the Hawks this time. Avery went to the box for the Rangers.
-Late call on Kopecky's highstick penalty in front of the net.
-A glove to the face for Toews, which led to a scuffle.
-The Hawks looked as if they would take the game back with two scoring opportunities by Kopecky and Sharp. I would ask why they didn't go in, but my feed kept freezing mid shot. Also, feel like it's always 'almost' shots.
-The Hawks took an empty net and the Rangers built the anticipation with a timeout.

Blackhawks lose to the Rangers 3-2. I'm starting to understand Wiz's reasoning behind his gesture to the Rangers. It's a frustrating loss considering the Blackhawks played well, Campbell was back, and the D looked like they were actually on the ice. The Hawks were physical too with 35 hits.

Campbell on his first game: "The knee felt good so that’s a step in the right direction.” I believe you mean a skate in the right direction.

Keith was named NHL's third star of the week and he added another pair of assists tonight.

Post-Game Videos:

Coach Q



Next game is on Wednesday against the Devils!

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