Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Sharks

Starters: Pisani, Bolland, Bickell, and Seabs/Keith
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott and Hendry

Let's make this a quick one. There's food to be eaten and Blackhawks losses to be forgotten.

The first started off with a hint of jealousy. Can't blame other players for being jealous of Stalberg's fast play and good looks. He was hit hard in front of the Shark's bench. Stalberg walked away pretty with a powerplay and the Sharks walked away with a cold spot in the box. You know not much has happened with your hockey team, when you still continue to boo Campbell every time he touches the puck. Get over it. Speaking of Campbell, he heard boos and then he heard cheers, after being swept off his feet by Murray. Speaking of hits, the Sharks were all over the physical play. They either jammed out to "Let's get physical" or they watched a replay of last season's sweep and were feeling a little bitter. Stalberg did come back with a couple hits of his own. The Blackhawks had an edge over the Sharks in the first and played better. If only they kept it up. They had good chances in the fast paced period, but Niemi showed up and unfortunately he stayed the whole game. Keith's old self made an appearance with a play on an odd man rush for the Sharks at center ice. He stopped what would of been a 2on1. The Sharks took the first bite on a Boynton turnover. Heatley scored on the wrap around. Congratulations are in order for Sharp, who had his 100th shot on goal of the season. The period came to an end with a hit on Seabrook and he didn't like it. Score: 1-0 Sharks. Shots: 12-10 Hawks.

Intermission: We were all introduced to Santa Bobby Hull happily reading One Goal Achieved to some children. Advice: If Santa Bobby Hull is coming down your chimney, remember to leave out the "special" milk.

The hits kept on coming from the Sharks, the hammer was put down on Hammer this time. Still no fire from the Hawks. If you're pushed, you push back. The Sharks took a 2-0 lead, then about 30 seconds later the Hawks scored under a video review. It went off of Skille's skate, then off of Dowell's. Good goal, credited to Dowell. Seabrook was hit in the balls and Pat Foley went on to talk about Seabrook's "weeny." Both moments were cringe worthy. Turnover's must be Boynton's favorite desert this time of year, since he had another helping on the Sharks' third goal. Brouwer vs Clowe. Too much dancing, head moving, and holding jerseys. Brouwer skated away with a loss, but at least he showed some fire. Hossa owned Murray with a huge hit by the net. The Blackhawks failed to capitalize on about 40 seconds with a 5on3. "Niemi says no" doesn't have the same ring to it as it use too. The period closed with a penalty by Kopecky. The Sharks started the third with a powerplay. Score: 3-1 Sharks. Shots: 23-20 Sharks.

I'm saying this through my teeth, but good job by Boynton on the Blackhawks second goal. Credit went to Sharp on the goal. Sharp Attack's are a lot sweet, than Shark attacks. And a lot less messy. Sharks get their fourth goal on Dowell's delay of game penalty. Cullimore was beat on that one. I'm shocked. Another Sharks' powerplay late in the third, thanks to Bickell. And we can thank Bickell again for extending his holding penalty to four mins for running his mouth and receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct. The Sharks' fans not only booed Campbell, but started a Turco chant. Sweet. Bolland gave us hope with a close chance on a wrap around, but damn Murray fell on the puck to stop it. The Sharks sealed the deal with an empty netter. Gotta give credit to Niemi on this one, he came up big for the Sharks. Finding Nemo wasn't so lost. The Blackhawks were hurt and have been hurt by their own inconsistency.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go eat a turkey and pretend it's a Shark. Go stuff your Blackhawks sadness with stuffing.

If you survive Black Friday morning, tune into the Blackhawks vs Ducks at 3:00pm on WGN!

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