Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quicks hits: Blackhawks vs Predators

Didn't get to watch the game live, but went back to watch a few golden moments.

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Brouwer, and Cullimore/Campbell.
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott and Hendry
Lines: Kane/Bolland/Hossa

This was the first time the Blackhawks had a full healthy line-up this season. Bolland was back and Scott was scratched, things were looking up. This was a chance to turn it all around. The Blackhawks definitely showed improvement and it wasn't a terrible game. The Blackhawks just need to get through this rough patch. They move on to the Circus Trip, after tomorrow's game against the Mighty Ducks.

Quick Hits:

-The world rushed to their local grocery stores to stack up on canned foods, after Skille scored his first goal of the season. That's right he finally did it, after many games and many opportunities. To everyone's surprise the world did not end and the canned foods were not necessary. Congratulations Skille you're finally a man!

-If Predators and country music aren't scary enough, Hossa limped off the ice. Screams and cries were heard around Chicago and even Nashville as he went to the dressing room. Screams and cries were heard again as he came back out. Thank god. Thank Hossa.

-Skille must have gotten the hang of it or he was making up for lost time, he put the puck in the net to take a 3-2 Blackhawks lead. We believed in you, Skille. Well apparently the Blackhawks didn't believe in you too much, since they didn't put you on the powerplay.

-Stalberg continued to play well. He tied the game 2-2 for his fifth goal of the season. However, like Skille, he didn't see much powerplay time either. Where's the ice time for Skille and Stalberg? They should be out on the ice, instead of warming the bench for the "stars" and Kopecky. I don't understand.

-Other standouts: Bickell had a huge hit on Hornqvist, he was just doing what we all wanna do. Boynton also brought the muscle for the physical play. Hammer played wing man to Turco with blocked shots. Nine in total. Speaking of Turco, he was solid throughout the game, but had some hiccups in the shootout. Oh and the three goals.

-The Blackhawks were well represented in Nashville!

-The Powerplay: Poopy.

-The Fourth Line: You mean the first line.

-The Shootout: Fail.

The Blackhawks lost 4-3.

Just a little advice, maybe Toews and Kane should get off their video phones to play some hockey. Awful pick up lines and awkward commercials don't produce to wins.

Post-Game Text Message from the Blackhawks: Hey Blackhawks lost but go buy our new license plates!

Skille's First Goal:

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