Friday, December 3, 2010

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Blackhawks vs Canucks

-"About 500 people were at the event at 8 p.m., including Chicago Blackhawks players Patrick Kane, Brent Seabrook and Dave Bolland, Caballero said." Sun-Times: 500, including 3 Hawks, attend FOP benefit for slain cop

-Turco: "Come Friday, I have to do my part to keep this string alive, to continue to gain confidence at home, and to give our fans what they deserve." ESPNChicago: Marty Turco will start for the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday against the Vancouver Canucks

-Sharp on Morin: “It shows he wants to be here and he’ll do anything to stay. You have to like the fire in him. He battles hard every shift. He’s not afraid of anybody, and we like that.”
ChicagoBlackhawksBlog: Grants Quote of the Week: Nov. 28-Dec. 4

-"The Blackhawks' Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Jack Skille hung out at Doré Lounge in River North on Tuesday after their win over the St. Louis Blues at the United Center."
ChicagoTribune: Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith at Dore Lounge

-Sharp on Circus Trip Pranks: "I'll give you a mild one, Brian Campbell and I got into it one day, so I came in off the ice a little bit early and dipped his socks in the cold tub so he had freezing cold water in his dress socks for a flight out West."
ESPNChicago: Scott exchanged punches, and the belt

-Vigneault: "Last night [in Calgary] when the score was 6-2 and we had a power play, I chose to send our fourth line on the ice. We all have our ways of doing things. I don't need Quenneville or Chicago to do what they did in our building to dislike them more. They have already beaten us twice when it really matters in the playoffs."
Sun-Times: Vancouver coach stands by his words regarding Hawks' rout

-Brouwer:“I don’t think there’s anything to it, to be honest. Some games teams just don’t have it and that might have been their game. For us, Q was rolling four lines. You’re not just going to bench Toews’ line for the rest of the game. You roll four lines and they just happened to be out there.” CSNChicago: Hawks need strong effort from Turco for fourth win

-"JD: You are a known prankster. Kane and Toews are your favourite targets. Give me your best one.

PS: We were in Columbus and I took Toews' phone, and switched Brent Seabrook's contact information with a girl Jonathan had been seeing, so her name would come up from Seabrook's number. When Jonny came back from the bathroom, I texted him from Seabrook's phone, saying, "We have to talk. I'm pregnant." This is during dinner so he read the text and his face just dropped! He turned white as a ghost, and he just slid away from the table."
TSN: Duthie: Going 1-on-1 with the Blackhawks' Patrick Sharp

-Coach Q:"I just know our intentions were just the opposite of what we got accused of from my point of view."
ESPNChicago: Canucks coach rips Blackhawks

-Keith:"It's nice to get out there with some young boys and girls and have some fun. It was kind of neat to see them trying to move around out there and try to skate. . . . It was great to see them get the opportunity to come out here and get on the ice for the first time."
Sun-Times: Kids from CHA get ice time with Blackhawks' Keith

-Bieksa:"Their top guys are all still here. Their best players are obviously the guys we see the most on the ice. Those are the guys you want to beat. The other guys (who are gone) you just want to beat up." History sets stage Friday for Canucks, Hawks

-Bolland:"We could be in their head. We could be somewhere in their head, I don't know. But we have had their number for the last couple years and I think when we do play these guys it is always a fun game. It's always exciting and I think it's going to be a good one tonight."
VancouverSun: Alain Vigneault, Joel Quenneville still squabbling

-John McDonough on Santo: “The thoughts and prayers of the entire Chicago Blackhawks organization are with the Santo family. Ron was an inspiration to everyone as his life was defined by overcoming obstacles. It is a sad day for all of Chicago and everyone in the sports world. His incredible passion for the Cubs was unmatched. I was honored to have shared many years of friendship with Ron and will remember those days fondly. Although we collectively are grieving over his passing, we should also celebrate his incredible life.”
ESPNChicago: Reaction around baseball to Santo's death



  1. I don't understand what Vigneault is whining about. There's no such thing as running up the score. You play the best you can and you score as many as you can. That's hockey. You don't stop when it's 5-0. Otherwise it can suddenly be 5-4 like the last game.
    Oh, the Slovakia women hockey representation won 82-0 against Bulgary last year :D (sure, it was nothing like the NHL and it didn't even look like real hockey, but still, it shows that you never stop :D).

    And OMG, poor Toews! :D

  2. Yeah, his comments were absolutely ridiculous. It's like he was just so frustrated with his team being bad, he wanted to make an excuse.

    And that is the BEST prank ever.