Thursday, December 16, 2010

Around the UC:

-Kane is 'doubtful' and other injury news:
DailyHerald: Setback for Kane?

-Toews: "It's never fun. I think everything gets thrown out of whack a little bit and you need to adjust. Everyone is playing with different players and sometimes lines will even change in the middle of games, which isn't easy, either. Everything's a little simpler when guys are healthy and it's the same lineup every single night, but it's never a perfect world and you've got to learn how to play through that."

-Giunta: "To be able to stand on the ice and hear the national anthem ... and hear the reaction of the crowd and feel the rumble and see the America flag just waving in all of its glory at the top of the stadium was truly incredible."

-Skille: "We know we're better than how we're playing. Nobody likes losing. With the competitive attitude here it's not acceptable to lose, especially in this city and with the fan base we have. They want winners."

-Coach Q: “They’ve had some real good games recently as a pair. We’re assessing one game. I think over time Seabs has been fine and Duncs had some stretches where he’s been real good and some stretches where he’s been OK. The last game, I think that’s a level we haven’t seen much of.”

-Thursday's Practice videos: Coach Q, Turco, Toews, and Soupy.

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