Friday, December 17, 2010

Back On Track to World Peace.

Pre-game Notes:
-Starters: Brouwer, Toews, Sharp, and Hammer/Soupy
-Pisani was back.
-Cullimore was put on waivers, but played in tonight's game.
-Ryan Johnson's first game, he's number #17.
-Crawford in the net.

Chelios' Ceremony:
Chelios called out the fans booing him, during his speech. "I'm one of you." It was great.
Chelios' mom was wearing a half Hawks, half Wings jersey. It wasn't great. However, that's such a mom thing to do.

First Period:
The period started a little something like this for the Hawks: Powerplay. Sharp. Goal. Boom. Sharp gave the Hawks an early lead, after a hooking penalty was called on the Wings. Seabrook and Toews acted as Sharp's elves on the goal with the assists. Bick! Bick! Bickell! If you couldn't tell by that chant, Bickell scored. His wrist shot is good. He's been hot, lately. Add another assist for Seabrook on that one. Eaves got the Wings their one and only goal in the first. Skille wanted one tonight. He had a few chances in the period. He was all over the place in the best way. Late in the period, the Hawks didn't have the best shift. The Wings owned them and the puck. Crawford had a nice save on a bad match-up with Zetterberg. The Wings led in shots 15-13, but that changes.

Commercial Break: There is a new Toews and Kane Chevy commerical. And yes they're playing hockey with cars again. Except this year is different. Toews dives underneath a car. I don't understand what Chevy is trying to tell me. Am I suppose to go drive a Chevy on ice and try to take out Blackhawks players, while they dive out of the way?

Second Period:
Crawford had a few quick saves in the first couple of minutes. Skille continued his efforts as a little shot of energy. Not much happened in the first six minutes. Kopecky finally found the net, after a great feed from Soupy, to put the Hawks up 3-1. Pisani was down for a few. Bolland spun around and caught Pisani in the face with his stick. He quickly came back out on the ice. He's a hockey player. Bleeding from a stick in the face is like blowing your nose. Poor Skille. If he stood in front of an empty net, he still wouldn't be able to get it in. The Hawks ended a great period leading in shots 25-23 and goals.

Shoot the Puck: If I was ever a winner of "Shoot the Puck," I would do the Hossa goal celebration and get nuts.

Third Period:
There's no better way to kick off the third, than to hear Carol of the Bells ringing through the United Center. The old men of the team, Boynton and Cullimore, got in a scuffle. They tag teamed Bertuzzi. Sharp and Brouwer had quick opportunities, but couldn't finish them. On Sharp's chance, Soupy had a nice pass, which added to a great game for him. Also, Howard let go (threw) of his stick to stop Sharp. You could compare this to the Seabrook's situation several games ago. But we all know that Seabrook accidently, ever so gently let go of his stick, while Howard was aiming for Sharp's heart. Skille was at it again. Nine shots for him in the game. Nine shots. One of these days, Skille's chances/efforts are going to turn into a children's book, but there has to be a happy ending first. The empty net was his chance. It was also Sharp's chance, but he missed. Didn't matter though. Kopecky came up to get his second goal of the night on an empty netter. Somewhere Hossa was dancing to Chelsea dagger. With that goal, the Hawks won 4-1 against the Wings. What a great game. Fast paced. No penalties. Solid defense. A first star worthy performance by the goalie. Seabrook's third star was the cherry on top of a delicious performance by the Blackhawks.

They needed this win. Now they have to keep it up, Sunday vs the Kings.

Happy Post-game:

-The "Aww" Moment: Seabrook: "Cheli made that opening video look so good, I had to represent the number 7 well." (source)

-Coach Q: "If you play like that, you can give yourself a chance every night" (source)

-According to Jesse Rogers, Pisani won the belt. I guess all you need to do is get hit in the face by your own teammate.

-Congrats to Soupy! He got his 100th point as a Blackhawk!

-More Seabrook: "It just seemed like tonight was as close to a perfect game as you could get." (source)

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