Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blackhawks Powerplay Their Way To Viktory:

Judging from the penalty summary, it wasn't that hard for the Blackhawks to powerplay their way to a win in Sunday's game against the Flames. The Blackhawks scored all four goals on the PP. However, the 4-2 win was overshadowed by bad news in the first period. Kane left the game in his first shift, after he limped off the ice. He went to the dressing room with out putting weight on his leg and with help from the trainers. The first thing that came to mind was Kane never gets hurt. Kane can't be hurt. Kane's not hurt. Kane limped off the ice. Kane might be hurt. Kane, please don't be hurt. Of course all we know is that it's a lower body injury. Coach Q labeled his injury as "nothing serious", but will not return right away. We'll see.

My theory is that, like Hossa, Kane's injury is a fake. Hossa is Santa, while Kane was called up to be the head elf. Yes, this is my brain during the holiday season.

Kane's issue might steal the headlines, but there was more to the game. It was a night for the letter B players. Bolland scored his first goal in forever or 17 games and sealed the Flames' fate with a late empty netter. Bickell started the scoring in the first, while Brent Seabrook had three assists. As for the rest of the alphabet, Toews finished off an eventful first with the Blackhawks' third goal. He added an assist to his list of achievements for the night too.

The beginning was crowded, the middle was less crowded, and the end was nerve racking. The Blackhawks piled on the penalties and escaped a scoring opportunity by Iginla, who had already scored for the Flames. It may have been ugly, but the Blackhawks eventually got out of it and won the game with the help of another solid outing by Crawford.

The Stars come into town on Wednesday! It will be Burish's first game back, since he left. And it will be my first game back, since November.

(I realize Viktor Stalberg had nothing to do with the Hawks winning, but I have chosen to forever spell Victory as Viktory)

Also, I swear I haven't forgot about those Holiday posts I'm suppose to be doing.


  1. I hope the Hawks win on Wednesday otherwise Bur is gonna be running his mouth forever. Also, I'll be happy to see him again, although in the wrong jersey.

  2. I seriously think Bur needs to come back! While the blackhawks will always be a funny team, Bur adds a lot more to it than just Sharpie and Seabrooke. I also want Steeger back too. I hope my prayers go answered.

  3. AHEM. Burish was not traded...

    He was one of the few (I think Madden was the other) who wasn't. They just couldn't afford him and let him walk.

    Le sigh.

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  5. The chances of Burish and Steeger coming back is zero. No matter how much we want them back.

    I realize I accidently said that. Mixing up the ex-Blackhawks, so many left in the summer.

    And Alex, yes I did say Viktory!