Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blackhawks vs Stars

Blackhawks vs Stars
7:30 pm

Morin was called up today, as well as Klinkhammer. Yes, his name is still fun to say. It will be Klinkhammer's NHL debut. Hossa was placed on the Injured Reserve list. Coach Q said putting Hossa on the IR was "procedural." It shouldn't mess up his schedule, but him and Pisani are not making the trip this weekend. The Stars' goalie Lehtonen will be starting against the Hawks due to tightness. Raycroft in the net instead.

Lines from today's practice:

Skille, Toews, Stalberg
Kopecky, Sharp, Morin
Bickell, Bolland, Brouwer

Pre-game reads, videos, and Listens:

-Klinkhammer: “[I’m] nervous, really nervous. Kind of a short night last night. Tossing and turning.”

-Turco: "I'm 35 and I don't have Cup ring. I want to win, and that's all I care about."

-Burish on Buff: "That was funny. I texted him right when I saw it, too. I said, 'Are they on drugs over there or what?' He's like, 'They know what they're doing. They know what they're doing.' Then I saw when he scored the goal right (after) he got the (alternate) captain, he kind of popped his shirt right there by his 'A.'"

-Sharp :"I think I'm playing the exact same minutes and in the same situations as last year, so the opportunity stayed the same. I definitely feel that I want to show my value to the Chicago Blackhawks. They had a lot of changes and a lot of tough decisions to make and let a lot of good players go. I'm fortunate to be one of the ones they kept and I want to prove my value."

-Listen to Burish on Afternoon Saloon here 12/7

-2010 Season Ticket holder Party:


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