Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brr... It's Cold In Here! There Must Be Some Penalties In The Atmosphere

Starters: Dowell, Sharp, Kane, and Soupy/Hammer
Scratches: Skille? Pisani and Toews
Goalie: Turco
Opposing Goalie: Niemi. Last game of the Stanley Cup winning year. Why not end it by beating the guy who helped us get there? Too bad Niemi was probably thinking the same thing, why not end the year by beating my old team? And that's exactly what he did.
Lines: Stalberg/Kopecky/Hossa
Scott/Johnson/Hendry (what a pretty line)

The Hawks came out looking great and a lot more physical, but a penalty is what the Hawks started with and it's what eventually ended them. Stalberg took to the box for too many men on the ice. Turco wanted to see what the view was like from center ice, so he just took the walk out there. Seabrook wanted to see what it was like to be goalie, so he just took the save. Earning that A. Sharp got his 21st goal of the season with a pass from Kopecky. All 21 goals had one thing in common, they were all damn good looking. Turco had some crazy moves, that resembled things that aren't human. However, those moves made the saves (sometimes). As the Blackhawks made a line change, Nichol tied the game 1-1. I feel like a Nichol/Nickel joke needs to be made. Kopecky used his stick to spark a long game of stupid penalties.

With Kopecky in the box, Seabrook was called for hooking. Keith did a nice job on the penalty kill, but Turco went down too soon and the Sharks took the bait. Stalberg drew a interference. The Sharks couldn't keep their hands off him. Two jokes that will never get old, constantly referencing to Stalberg and Sharp's good looks. Turco did a dolphin diving save on Sharks' Couture's breakaway. What's that? A dumb penalty? What's that? A dumb player? Boynton's slashing penalty in the second led to the Sharks' third goal. Hope came next with a trip on Kane. Brouwer put the power in powerplay and Soupy put the...I don't really have one for him. But thanks to two late goals in the last 30 seconds of the period, the Hawks were now tied 3-3 with Sharks!

The Blackhawks couldn't keep the momentum going. Towards the end of the 3rd, Hossa and Kopecky tried to get all up in Niemi's business. But it ended with Kopecky helmet-less and chirping. Empty net. Empty Netter. The Sharks win 5-3. The Blackhawks fail to end the year with a win, but look to start the year with a win on Sunday.

Coach Q said Skille was scratched due to "tough decisions" and "consistency." I don't understand.

To keep with the penalties theme, Coach Q wasn't too happy about some of the calls: ESPNChicago: Two penalty calls anger Joel Quenneville

By the way, the Blackhawks need to start playing well and keep the F-bombs to a minimum. Their moms are watching...ChicagoTribune: Hawks hope trip can be one their mothers can love

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  1. I'm thinking coach Q got confused with all the new names on the team and he scratched Skille instead of Stalberg. You know, they both start with an S. Because Stalberg needs to be scratched. So does Boynton, but that goes without saying. Also, as much as I hate to say anything bad about him, Kopecky sucks at center.

  2. Kopecky and Boynton have been brutal lately. I will never understand the reasoning behind scratching Skille. I thought Stalberg looked decent, he's just in a scoring rough patch.

  3. Kopecky shouldn't play center, that's the reason he's so bad. He's not a good playmaker, he's not good at draws and he's a bit slow to skate back fast if it's needed. I hope they put him back at wing.