Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't Call It A Comeback

The Blackhawks are back. It's true they're back at the United Center, after a long road trip. It's true their play has started to turnaround, after a rough patch. But don't call it a comeback. They're playing the way they should and the way everyone knows they can. Now they just need to keep it up!

Starters: Kane, Toews, Stalberg and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Hendry, Pisani, and Hossa

1st Period Highlights:
-One word: Morin. In the first couple minutes, a big forecheck by Morin, which ultimately led to the Blackhawks first goal.
-Speaking of the Blackhawks first goal: For Hossa. Love Kopecky. Kopecky's had four points. The spirit of Hossa is playing through him.
-Scott and Janssen wasted no time getting into it. Scott gets the win. Janssen gets credit for not bleeding.
-The Blues tied the game. Boynton's fault. Everyone may be saying it's Boynton's fault for everything, but this actually was his fault. He's not helping his case whatsoever.
-For the love of god, why is Sharp not on the All-Star ballot? His goal late in the period was his fifth in five straight games. He's talented, funny, and good looking. He's an All-Star in life. However, that does not give you a reason not to write in Sharp. Do it. Write it.

Intermission Highlight:
-Duncs being interviewed on his reunion with his "more than a D partner" Seabrook. Did he have something in his eye or were those tears I saw?

2nd Period Highlights:
-Morin's puck took a weird bounce and Brouwer was there with a wide open net in front of him. I think you know what happened after that. Congrats to Morin on his first NHL point (assist). Also, Morin had done something to help the Blackhawks on all three goals.
-I sure hope you missed hearing Chelsea Dagger, because you got your full share of it last night. Toews scored the fourth goal on a powerplay.
-Might as well kept Chelsea on replay, Kane received a nice pass from the Stalberg for a goal of his own.
-Boynton. Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you do this to us? But most importantly, why did you fight Crombeen?
-Brewer gets the second one for the Blues on a delayed penalty by Bolland.

3rd Period Highlights:
-Coach Q's blood pressure rose as quickly as the Blues side of the score sheet. The Blackhawks lead took a dip and only led by one goal 5-4, after Pietrangelo and Boyes scored for the Blues.
-Stalberg with the shot. Kane with the rebound. The Blackhawks needed that goal for many different reasons. It was Kane's second of the night.
-One thing about the Blues is they either don't play hockey and just act like douches or they play hockey like douches. Stalberg was pushed head first into the boards. Kane came to defend. He's clearly the most obvious choice. Kane was also involved in another WTF moment. He had a 2on1 breakaway with Scott. This speaks for itself.
-One thing you gotta give the Blues credit for is they fought back and the Blackhawks let them. The Blackhawks can't play thinking they have the game in the bag. Thank god they started doing less thinking and more playing.
-Toews, not to be out done by Kane, scored his second goal of the night. Even though there were no hat tricks, just the thought of them both being one goal away was exciting.
-Morin dropped the gloves. It wasn't much, but I love the kid's fire. He fought against Porter, who he had dropped the gloves with a few weeks earlier.
-Duncan Keith we're going to pretend you did not get that penalty late in the third.

One thing is for sure, the Blackhawks vs Blues is never a dull moment. The Blackhawks win the crazy game 7-5. It's good to know the boys can still win in red!

Next up: The Canucks on Friday. And you thought the Blues were fun to play.


  1. "He had a 2on1 breakaway with Scott. This speaks for itself."

    Did you see Scott's post-game WGN interview?

    Scott's pretty funny. He talks about the rush with Kane (5:08 mark), and how he could see Kane wanted to pass it to him, and Scott is all, "I knew he was gonna pass it to me because he was staring at me the whole time..."

  2. I haven't watched it yet, but I keep hearing about it. Also heard he didn't know all the teams in the division. lol