Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Don't Stop Now, Boys!"

Time to pull out the sport cliches.
The Blackhawks took the momentum from Friday's win and kept it going through Sunday's game against the Kings. The Blackhawks went in having already beat the Kings twice this season. And the Kings went in having only one regulation loss this month. The Blackhawks looked to make it two. And that's exactly what they did.

The Defense. Seabrook and Keith are looking so much better and so much more like themselves with a good game tonight. Seabrook used his body, he kept it physical with five hits. Keith used his stick, he scored from blue line for the Hawks second goal in the second period. Don't worry the bromance is still in full effect during the rough times this season. From my seats, I could see the refs trying to keep Seabrook away from one of the Kings players when all he wanted to do was to get to Keith. The bromance led in ice time behind Soupy with the most at 23:19.

Crawford had another stellar performance tonight. He put the rest of the team on his back during the third period "heart attack" moments. The Kings were all over him, but Crawford stayed solid. The only blemishes were goals by Clifford and Simmonds. Keith responded to Cliffords goal within seconds, while Simmonds goal sparked something in the Kings. However, that spark was a little too late and Crawford was there to put it out.

Toews was being Toews. He scored first for the Hawks. He's doing what a Captain should with the team's two biggest players out. Pisani made his presence known, after being gone. And no he didn't make it known by being hit in the face again. He also scored to keep the Hawks ahead.

A little surprised to see Westgarth try to take on Scott again. Doesn't he remember what happened to his face last time. He's either really stupid or really brave. Westgarth left the fight clapping and his face still intact.

The Blackhawks beat the Kings for the third time 3-2. They needed this win. They've strung together two great games. Now just imagine the magic that could happen if Hossa, Kane, and Stalberg came back. The team would be a little more godly and a little more good looking. You decide which player fills those voids. They'll get into the Holiday spirit with the Predators on Wednesday!

To quote Hawk Harrelson, "Don't stop now, boys!"

Note: After all these years, I've finally realized the best go-to food to eat at a sporting event. Nachos and Lemonade. It's the second best combination, behind Seabrook/Keith and in front of John Hughes/the 80's.

Another Note: Hey, check out those less craptastic than usual photos I took. It must be the effect of the 100 level.

Last Note: Brent Seabrook. He might not be able to do Bear Mountain, but damn he's turned around since that god awful game a week ago. Not only did he have five hits, but five blocked shots and a +2. (source)

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