Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"If you can get it from my kung-fu grip then you can come and have it, okay?"

"Otherwise, step off, bitch." (Meet the Parents)

Do not mess with Blackhawks fans and their bobble heads. Walking through the United Center tonight, every fan with a bobble head or several (somehow) was clutching on to their bobble head like their life depended on it. No one is going to kill you. You can dig your fingernails out of the cardboard now. (who am I kidding? I'm gonna be that person next week on Seabrook Bobble head night)

By the way, I was totally digging the mustache on the Savvy bobble head. Keeping it classy and traditional.

Tonight was a big win for the Blackhawks. As they continually up their play with each game. And the stars of the Hawks start to come back to their original form. It's good to see you Keith. The Blackhawks dominated most of the game against the Stars. Their only problem lately seems to be playing 60 and giving up late goals.

Sights and Sounds of the Game:
-Was it just me or was I seeing the number 5 out on the ice more than I should?

-The most unlikely trio contributed to the Blackhawks first goal: Bickell, Cullimore, and Boynton. It isn't a pretty group on both sides (play and looks), but they got the job done.

-Random drunk girl, who sat next to me in the middle of the game: "SCOOOREEEEEE!" "DO SOMETHING!" "THAT'S ICING OR SOMETHING!" (no it was not icing, it was no where near icing. It might of even been a timeout) She was a real treat. Fortunately, she couldn't hold her beer any longer and had to leave.

-Before the game (me): "Sharp has something in him tonight." Sister: "What? Like a goal?" Me: "No, like a giant shit. Yes, obviously a goal." And what do you know? Sharp sealed the deal with seconds left on the clock with his empty netter.

-Morin had his first NHL goal. I missed it. Thanks to the following factors: My bladder and the bathroom line.

- Also, missed: Brouwer's goal. Not missed: Old man dancing in the hallway to Chelsea Dagger.

-I wish Gene Honda narrated my life.

-Score: 3-0 Blackhawks. Score Later: 4-3 Blackhawks. Wait, what?

-Definition of Leads: Something you want to keep.

-Hawks definition of Leads: Something you want to almost give up.

-I didn't miss any Stars' goals.

-Burish was writing the checks, but wasn't cashing them. Meaning he didn't fight.

-Dowell fought.

-Jonathan Toews said the F word. A lot.

-Hey, you're on the kiss cam! Man: *middle finger*

-I swear Mr. Sharp has the most breakaway opportunities.

-Stalberg you're not on the ice in the third period. It better be because you had to put more mascara on. No word on what actually happened. Hurt or doghouse?

-Dear Blackhawks Store, you have Stalberg jerseys but no shirts. Please change that.

-First Star: Bickell. Chicago is much prettier, than Rockford.

-Soupy Spin-o-rama. Always entertaining.

-Burish is the funniest shit talker. He needs to continue to talk shit about the Hawks even when he's not playing them: “One time we had a good shift and I asked Keith and Seabrook if they had a better defense pairing they could put out against us." (source)


-Watching the last minute of the game left us sweaty. Trying to keep yourself from having a heart attack is tiring.

-During the final seconds, Seabrook laid out and his stick went flying. Cue the the guy behind me: "Seabrook has his head up his ass." It was clearly accidental. Seabrook: "I was caught flat-footed and I caught an edge. [My] stick just came out when I hit the ice and I think the referee realized that. I don't know. It could have been a penalty. It would have been a tough one." Apparently , Dallas Coach Crawford and the guy behind me thought differently, read more here.

-Bolland and Toews. You guys are good at playing hockey.

-Crawford has now won his seventh straight start. Solid start after solid start.

-Blackhawks win 5-3! As Eddie O would say, I'm a happy human!

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