Monday, December 13, 2010

It's All In The Quotes:

Toews: “It was devastating, embarrassing, humiliating. I don’t know what word you want to use, but it’s not going to be a good one." (source)

Crawford: “It was brutal. I don’t think anyone wants to lose like that. We had all the momentum, scored a good one — a gritty one in front, a tip. Wow. We just fell apart in the last two minutes.” (source)

Soupy: “I feel bad for Marty [Turco]. We gave up things. There’s only so many 2-on-0’s he can stop.” (source)

Coach Q: “Some games you remember that got away from you that feel like you got kicked in the guts. That was definitely one of them.” (source)

The Quick Details:

Starters: Bickell, Dowell, Brouwer and Hammer/Soupy
Scott/Potulny, Hendry

About 50 seconds into the game, Colorado scored on Turco, who had no defensive coverage. That tends to be a trend in this game. The Blackhawks go to their first powerplay on a crosscheck. Brouwer brought the power during the pp, after Sharp's shot off the crossbar. The Avs quickly score again, taking advantage of poor defensive play. Turco laid out on a 2-on-0 for a big save on Mauldin. Skille tied the game 2-2. Little over 20 seconds later, the Avs score their third goal on a wide open net. No help for Turco. Brouwer continued his great play as the Blackhawks tied the game again. Goal went to Bickell for the redirect. Scott's laugh rang through Colorado, after he won his fight against Koci. You know he might not be too bad in the net. Wouldn't even need the defense. Scott would just punch the pucks and kill anyone who got close.

The second period started with another Avs goal 4-3. Turco was taken out. Crawford was brought in. That was the last thing Turco needed and deserved for his first start back. Blackhawks drew a hooking penalty for the powerplay. Crawford came up big with a nice glove save. There seems to be little to no doubt that he will be the Hawks number one. The Avs went on their first powerplay, penalty for Morin. He made up for it with his second NHL goal to tie the game 4-4. Morin is like a puppy you get on Christmas day for Blackhawks fans with a bow around the neck and everything. Except he scores, instead of peeing everywhere. Blackhawks powerplay, interference on Toews. Crawford sprawled out on the ice to stop an opportunity. Couple of penalties later, the suspense built as we waited to hear the fate of Brouwer's goal. It ended up being a good goal and a good game for Brouwer Power. It looked as if the Blackhawks had come back with the help of Crawford to win, but everything happened so quickly next. The Avs scored two goals, then sealed the deal with an empty netter. The Blackhawks lost 7-5. It's one you would like to forget. However, they have a rematch against the Avalanche on Wednesday!

Stat of the night: First time Keith and Seabrook have both been a minus-4 (or worse) in the same game. (@Wyshynski)

The Good News: Hossa and Pisani skated in Chicago!


  1. I feel bad for Turco too, none of the goals were really his fault.

    I like the new design, but I did think I'm on the wrong website for a sec :D

    Oh and happy late birthday, hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Yeah, Turco had absolutely no help. Crawford may be the better goalie, but that loss was not Turco's fault.

    And thank you, I did enjoy it! :)