Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like A Puck To The Face

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Kane, and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Pisani, Hendry, and Johnson

It was an ugly one.

Quick Hits:

-Just when the Hawks are finally healthy, Toews goes down in the first. He fell into the boards, after being hit by D'Agostini. Looked like it was his shoulder, which he was grabbing when he left the ice. They're calling it an upper body injury. If I have to hear the words "upper body" or "lower body" injury one more time I'm going to cause a "whole body" injury to someone. Anyway, the main thing is that Toews is okay and gets better soon.

-Brouwer and Hammer went to the dressing room in the second, but thank god they came back in the game later. Brouwer did what we all wanted to do. No, not the Kaner Shuffle. He went to the box for elbowing D'Agostini.

-Scott and Janssen went at it right away. It didn't take long to get it started, but it sure took a long time to end it. Props to Janssen for being able to live through that long of a fight with Scott. Blood-free too.

-From the moment the puck dropped it was Turco on his own vs the Blues. He stopped 40 shots. He had big saves and kept it to a close game. He also displayed great effort even when he couldn't save it. He tried, by grabbing the puck in the air, on goal review in the third, but it was a good goal for the Blues. The crowd sounded like they had just won the Stanley Cup on that one. Bottom line: He gave the Hawks another solid start. And anyone who blames this loss on him is just as bad as the people who sue McDonalds because they're fat.

-The Blackhawks' lone goal came in the first on a great play by Stalberg. He passed it off to Dowell, who put it past Conklin. Stalberg had a pretty good game.

-Duncan Frickin Keith. Might of been one of his worst performances of the season.

-Nick Frickin Boynton. He had an assist on a Blues' goal.

-Kane had a breakaway opportunity in his first game back. He received a long pass from Turco.

Kopecky getting hit in the face with a puck on the bench, summed up the Blackhawks 3-1 loss against the Blues. Next game is Thursday against the Sharks.

Toews Injury Video (NHL.com)

Photo source: Chicago Tribune


  1. With the exception of Turco, the whole team played like crap! I counted at least one giveaway by each of the defenseman. Nobody seemed to be able to handle the puck. After the last four games, I thought we were done with this kind of play. From the puck drop to the final horn, it was a painful game to watch. To think that we might have lost Toews during that mess of a game just makes me want to cry!

  2. Agreed, the last game wasn't too easy on the eyes either.