Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's holiday is filled with red, white, and a little black.
Don't forget about the last gift of Christmas! You can get it on CSN at 7pm!
The gift tag will read,
To: Blackhawks Fans
Love: Blackhawks TV

Feel the need to rip the wrapping paper to take a peek:

The guys over at HOCKEE NIGHT wrote another classic for Hawks' fans to read on this Christmas Eve: HOCKEE NIGHT Gets A Return Visit From St. Nick

A Puck Daddy video from a couple of years ago:

What will happen all over the Chicago Land area tomorrow morning:

Hammer and Niemi attempting to sing Christmas carols. Keyword: attempt:

Another attempt at singing Christmas carols, featuring a couple of Rockford boys turned Hawks: IceHogs Sing Jingle Bell Rock (video)

Last year's music video "That's What Christmas Means to Me," featuring a bunch of new Hawks and old Hawks:

Some Holiday Reads:
-PuckDaddy: ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers get festive with Santa-themed jerseys (second best jersey behind the indian head)

Don't forget to read the special book before bedtime!
No, not The Night Before Christmas...
One Goal Achieved!

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  1. Joey the reporter... his intense stare gets me every time. Oh that guy...