Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Hits: Blackhawks vs Avalanche

The Avs have the Blackhawks' number this year. The Hawks played solid for most of the game, but due to unlucky calls and two quick goals they lost 4-3.

-The ref's call on Hendry's Penalty: a steaming pile of deep fried poop.
-As mentioned earlier, O'Byrne sent Stalberg into the boards. He never came back, which led me to constantly ask, "Is that Stalberg? Are you sure Stalberg's not out yet? You know maybe Coach Q is just benching him, because he likes to do that? Is that Stalberg on the bench? Stalberg's hurt isn't he?" Now I wonder how many times I can say Stalberg?
-You're on the list O'Byrne. Don't really like you either, Tomas Fleischmann.
-Bickell had a goal and an assist. He's been doing that pretty frequently. He was also the Hawks only star tonight.
-I have a theory about Keith. The Space Jam Theory. It involves the Monstars.
-I have another theory about Keith. He stopped doing Bear Mountains.
-Brouwer's scored with .5 left on the clock. He was all jacked, until he realized their was only .5 left on the clock. It was quick realization, but I like the enthusiasm.
-Speaking of time on the clock, so many people bolted out of the United Center with about five minutes left. Never leave a game early. I know nothing happened, but don't leave.
-Speaking of fan behavior, booing. Not cool. Two rows of little kids sitting behind me booing. Booing is annoying, it's even more annoying in squeaky voices.
-Crawford made some huge saves, but had some trouble at points.
-Absolutely loved the Christmas atmosphere at the United Center, especially the montage to Carol of the Bells.
-I'll say it again, Skille is one the hardest working guys out there. Watching him live proves it even more.

The Blackhawks should have been looking for redemption, after Monday's loss. Now we cross our fingers that Stalberg is okay and that we see some old faces (Hossa, Kane, Pisani) back in the line-up soon! The Red Wings will come to the United Center on Friday and it's Chris Chelios Hertiage Night.

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