Saturday, December 4, 2010

Remember When...

Remember when the Blackhawks lost to the Canucks. Remember when Luongo had a shutout. Remember all those scoring chances the Blackhawks had against the Canucks. Remember when half of those chances were by Sharp. Remember when Bolland had some of those shots too. Remember when Kopecky missed the wide open net so we all said, "How did he not get that?" Remember when Kopecky kinda sucked. Remember when Scott's turnover led to a goal by Glass. Remember when Scott didn't murder one of the Sedin Twins to make up for it. Remember when it was Toews' 250th career game. Remember when it felt like Toews was just drafted. Remember when the Blackhawks outshot the Canucks 32-18. Remember when everyone made the joke that the Canucks were running up the score at 3-0. Remember when the Blackhawks PP=Poopy Powerplay. Remember when the Blackhawks didn't have a terrible game. Remember when it was because Luongo was just better. Remember when Luongo usually would of been out before the third. Remember when this remember when thing got old after awhile.

Yeah, I remember it.

Remember this: Blackhawks vs Flames. WGN. 6:00pm. Tonight. LETS GO HAWKS.

I realize I've skipped two days of the Holidays Blackhawks style. Don't worry they're coming.

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