Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update: The Elves, The Big Guy in Red, and a Bobble Head

Tonight is the night. Brent Seabrook bobble head night. He got his drawstring bag last year, but now it's time to move up to the big leagues with a bobble head. He just got so excited about it during Monday's game, that he started playing like a bobble head. When he redeems himself tonight and scores a goal make sure to raise your bobble head in the air. I know I will.

(note: the bobble head does not guarantee a goal, but it will certainly try)

Kane, who is finishing up his head elf duties, was back on the ice during today's morning skate. He will not play in tonight's game, but they're saying could be back as soon as Friday. Pisani also participated in practice, after an upper body injury kept him out for seven games. He will continue to sit out for another one. No word if he's been helping out Hossa and Kane in the toy department up north.

As for Hossa, God/Santa/the Great One (whatever you prefer), did not touch the ice with his presence. It's a busy season for the big guy in red, but he took some time out to do some off the ice practice drills.

No Surprises: I'll take bets that Morin could do the drive from Rockford with his eyes closed. He was called back up. Crawford will be the man in the net.

Bolland is back tonight against the Avalanche. He missed the last game due to an upper body injury, but he was watching...

Check out Hockey Broad's photos from yesterday's Standbys skate party at the United Center: here

As always LETS GO HAWKS!!!!

(Sorry, the blog is still a little messy from the changes)

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