Monday, January 31, 2011

All-Star Weekend Photos

See more photos from the entire All-Star weekend here: Chicago Tribune

See more photos from the All-Star game and the SuperSkills competition here: Blackhawks Website

All-Star Weekend Videos

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That MVP trophy sure accentuates his good looks.

Whoa. The Gatorade bottles are bigger than the nets.

We know Toews speaks french, but did you know Keith does too? Toews reminds me of the candlestick in Beauty and the Beast.

He loses to Sedin. Insert joke about the Sedin's being twins and using witch craft.

The real story of the Hardest Shot competition was Chara. After Chara hits you with his 105.9 mph shot, he'll step on you with his 6'9" body.

Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Hugo Boss suits, and a Sharp dressed man.

Congrats to Sharp! He wasn't even on the All-Star Ballot and he won MVP.

Sharp: "Kane had a chance to grab me and he didn't. I'll make him pay on Sunday." He's a man of his word.

What do you do when a camera is awkwardly in your face? You wink at it.

No, thank you!

There's a million more videos from the All-Star game on Blackhawks TV. Check them out!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

All-Star Weekend Links

-Sharp: "They met some friends on the plane, rented a van and decided to drive. They drove from midnight to 8 a.m. from Newark to Raleigh just to be here. I better do something special this weekend.”
WinnipegFreePress: Sharp's parents go the extra mile to take in NHL all-star weekend in person

-HockeySyrup: Silence of the Toews

-Sharp: “Kane had a chance to grab me and he didn’t. I’ll make him pay on Sunday.”
ESPNChicago: Sharp a lonely man on Team Staal

-Sharp: “I shook his hand when I got picked. The only chance I have of getting drafted ahead of Jonny is a game like this. It was a big thrill for me.”
CSNChicago: Toews last Blackhawk chosen; Sharp separated

-ESPNChicago: Jesse Rogers/Patrick Sharp chat wrap

-PuckDaddy: Dustin Byfuglien on All-Star Draft, snarking Duncan Keith (video)

-Keith: "It's a real privilege to be here. You get to meet some guys you've never met and hang out with some of the other guys you know from other teams. I just want to enjoy it."
ChicagoTribune: Sharp relishing All-Star turn

-Toews: “It kind of sucks for him and for me. I don't really feel great about it. Everyone's calling me a crybaby now because they gave me a rematch. Maybe we'll have to do it again in Chicago and have a rubber match, best out of three. I was kind of disappointed. I didn't hear the whistle and I might have gotten two shots off before he had hit all four targets. I think I caught him offgaurd a little bit the second time.”
CSNChicago: 'Controversy' clouds Sharp vs. Toews shooting

-Kane: "No, it's all in good fun. A lot of us just enjoyed what we were doing out there. It's fun to show off your skills sometimes. Overall I thought it was a pretty successful night."
ChicagoBreakingSports: Good times roll for Blackhawks at skills event

-Kane: “Let’s go Canes, and my last name is Kane, so I kind of gave them a salute and thanked them for cheering me on against their home town boy,”
ESPNChicago: Toews makes the most of do-over

-Savard: “Sharp was never content to just be good. He wants to be a difference-maker night in, night out.”
Sun-Times: Hawks' Sharp goes from being overlooked to being an All-Star

-Kane: "Tazer doesn't win, so he complains. He gets another shot at it. I don't know. From what he said, he didn't hear the ref blow the whistle." Daniel Sedin wins accuracy with 8-for-9

-Sharp: “It feels different this year. It has been a change. I didn’t think I was going to feel any changes. But once you get married, that’s for real. It’s made me a better player, and it’s nice to come home to her. We have a little family here with our dog, Shooter.”
Sun-Times: Dear Abby: Tell some secrets about Sharp

-Haviland: “I feel like [Patrick Sharp] and [Brent] Seabrook and [Jonathan] Toews are guys… you can get your point across to them and they can spread it through the room pretty quick. With Tazer there are a lot of things you don’t have to say, because he takes care of it pretty quick.”
ESPNChicago: Quenneville getting assist from Haviland

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I'm Terrible"

Footage from Kane's flip camera
(Blackhawks TV)

More on tonight's skills competition tomorrow.


The Blackhawks on the All-Star Red Carpet:
Kane and Toews do a pose off:

More later...

Friday, January 28, 2011

More from NHL Fantasy Draft:

Sharp Interview

Kane Interview

Keith Interview

Toews Interview

(Source: Blackhawks TV)

I don't even know what to say about this. Just watch it.

Check out the complete results to the draft here.
Photos from the 2011 All-Star Game Media Day here.

Quick Hits from the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft:

Team Staal and Team Lidstrom handed out roses for their All-Star team's tonight:

-"@reporterchris Patrick Kane says he woke up at 8:50 a.m. for an 8:45 a.m. flight today."
-The set looked like we were about to watch Family Feud or some game show.
-Kane picked his "boy" Keith fourth for Team Lidstrom. I think Seabrook would like to argue on the "my boy" comment.
-Kane started a trend among the players of calling everyone "my boy."
-Now I'm going to continue saying "my boy." Toews on Kane saying "my boy": "I was halfway up the steps."
-Between the breaks we got riveting analysis on the deeper meanings of the draft. How can you have deep meaningful conversations on a fantasy draft without Pierre McGuire? Don't worry they snuck him in there.
-Big Buff was picked by Team Lidstrom and will be reunited with Duncs and Kane.
-I felt like I was watching a Twilight movie with all the up close shots of angsty Toews' faces for the first 30 mins.
-Sharp picked by Team Staal. I have a feeling Sharp has no problem being against all his teammates. All the shit talking lays on his shoulders. Perfect man for the job.
-Toews was finally picked by Kane. Kane revealed in the "Sounds of the draft" he just wanted to make Toews sweat a little bit. I think he achieved his goal.
-The Sedin Twins were spilt up, while the Staal brothers will play on the same team.
-Hiller's glasses.
-If it was a game show, it would be called, "Let's play reunite ex-Blackhawks players!" Havlat was added to Team Lidstrom. Sorry Coach Q and Sharp, but I think I know who I'm rooting for. Plus, the blues jerseys are so much sweeter.
-Letang tripped.
-"@AndrewBHDL With his next pick, Patrick Kane would like to select Girl In The Red Dress for his "skills competition.""
-Duchene mixing up Survivor and the Bachelor.
-Kessel was the last man sitting. Ovi helped him remember the moment by taking a picture of him, while he sat by himself. To represent the value of the last player picked, they game him a Honda.
-"@ChrisKuc Toews on Kane: "He’s realizing he does need me. He relies on me and when he doesn’t have me he feels pretty lonely.""
-"@TramyersCSN Sharp on Kane not picking him: "He had a few chances to grab me and didn’t, so I’ll have to make him pay on Sunday.""
-That was fun. It needs to be done again. All sports should follow.

That's all I got for now or remember. If you didn't find time to watch it, go find some time. It was really entertaining.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around The UC:

-Jim Cornelison:“I believe America is a great country. There’s so much divisiveness, the anthem is perfect to show joy and pride in who we are.”
: Jim Cornelison's popularity off the charts after Bears performance

-"Join us for the WGN Radio & Chicago Blackhawks Night of Improv benefitting the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation on Tuesday, February 22nd at the Park West Theater in Chicago. Featuring Chicago's Best Improv Comedy, iO Theater, Chicago Blackhawks players and Blackhawks Ambassador Tony Esposito. Hosted by WGN Radio's Brian Noonan."
WGN Radio & Chicago Blackhawks Night of Improv

Hawks taking stock at All-Star break, and it isn't pretty

-Coach Q on Kane's A:“That's great, congratulations to him. He should have fun with it. It's a whole new experience for everybody. It's a unique situation."
Blackhawks forward Kane prepares to be alternate captain at All-Star game
Six players who have been first-half revelations

A Closer Look at the 'Hawks Top Brass

-Bowman:“I’m not hesitant to make a move before the deadline, but sometimes you have to ride it out and wait until the deadline.”
Bowman looking for right deal to help Hawks

The Guardian Project: Villains

Kuc and Hamilton pick their own All-Star teams
Eric gives Kelly a Blackhawks jersey on Live with Regis and Kelly

-"The Chicago Blackhawks will meet the Edmonton Oilers at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, home of the Western Hockey League’s Saskatoon Blades, on September 20, 2011 as part of the team’s 2011 preseason schedule."
Blackhawks to face Edmonton in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during 2011 preseason Road Trip!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Wild

The photo to the right is my nephew. He went to his very first Blackhawks game. Monumental moment for him. What did he think of the game? He said he wanted to go home and play hockey.

Starters: Stalberg, Sharp, Kopecky, and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Hossa (sick), Hendry (Boynton in), and Scott
Former Blackhawks: Barker, Havlat, and Madden
National Anthem: Jim's mom was there beside him, who was a nurse veteran. Very cool.

In the first couple minutes, Havlat scored. Seabrook had trouble clearing the puck on that one and gave it away. Kane gave Sharp the puck for Sharp's 26th goal on a wide open net. Brouwer had an extremely close chance, then he came right back and got what he deserved the first time 2-1. Boynton and stupid penalty go together like Spaghetti and meatballs or should I say Hammer and meatballs. Bolland joined him in the box for a 5 on 3. But no worries the Hawks were doing everything right in the period. They led in goals 2-1 and shots 12-8 in the fast paced first.

The second started off with the Wild tying the game 2-2. Then the game continued with the Wild taking the lead 3-2. The Hawks and the crowd seemed to have lost some energy with the last two Wild goals. Crawford wasn't as sharp as usual. He looked tired, which is understandable with all the work he's been putting in. They not only fell behind in goals, but shots as well 23-17 after two.

First time in United Center history: A girl wearing a Blackhawks jersey for shoot the puck. I was more impressed by the fact that she was wearing a jersey, than her actually making it in the goal.
X-Rated Kiss Cam: Who put Seabrook and Keith on there?
Soupy Mic'd up: He was seen and heard putting lotion on. So does he use Sharp's factory smelling one or Stalberg's lavender? Very important Sharp Attack related questions.

Brouwer had another missed opportunity with Backstrom holding his own. Keith shot went off the post. I hate when the posts are biased. Crawford got the first save, but couldn't get the second and the Wild went up 4-2. Toews put one in the net and the Hawks thought they scored for sure. The refs blew the whistle too quick, so the goal was waived off. Toews proceeded to rip off his jersey and angry Toews came out. He didn't actually rip off his jersey, by the way. This all started a "bullshit" chant. Thank god my nephew had already left. I thought he was going to start going around chanting bullshit all the time. Anyway, the call by the refs was just one of the many problems for the Hawks. They lost 4-2 to the Wild. Looks like the All-Star game came at a perfect time. The Blackhawks and fans can clean the shit out of their pants, that this game left in them and restart with fresh ones on Tuesday. We can also take this time off to laugh at the things that will happen during All-Star weekend.

And always remember it could be worse. You could have watched Mean Girls 2.

Words of Wisdom from my brother:
"It all comes down to have's and the Havlat's I guess."
"Oh boy does my backstrom hurt. That whole game was a total clutterbuck."

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

This week on Sharp Attack!:

-On his growth chart: "They were everywhere in the bathroom, the showers, the training rooms, the gym. All over the place."

-On the All-Star draft: "All the players in one room just like the Bachelor."

-Sharpy picks the Oscars:
Best Picture: "Inception"
Best Actress: "Natalie Portman"
Best Actor: "Colin Firth"

-On the Oscars "It always seems to be the movie that no one ever sees gets to win all the awards"

-"I got a few fans from playing hockey for the Blackhawks, but all my fans come from the Eric and Kathy show."

Listen to the entire segment here: Sharp Attack!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Recap:

Sorry for the lack of updates and the late recaps. I've been a little busy. My motivation to update can be easily killed by a six hour class, that ended up to be entirely about Jay Cutler.

Saturday: Blackhawks vs Wings
The Blackhawks backed up the saying "Detroit Sucks" in their 4-1 win over the Wings with goals from Bolland, Kopecky, and Brouwer. They were ready to play after a five day break. Detroit got on the board first and that was it for them with Crawford shutting them down for two periods. Bolland continued his hot streak with a pass from Brouwer to tie the game. Kopecky added two goals of his own, then Brouwer scored the fourth and final goal in the third. It was a good win for the Hawks and they hoped to do the same against the Flyers.

Sunday: Blackhawks vs Flyers
The score was the same 4-1, but the Blackhawks were on the losing end this time. However, seeing the reactions and the outcome of the Bears' game it didn't seem so bad.

Bickell and Hartnell got into a quick fight, but thanks to NBC's great coverage we all missed it. The Hawks had a fabulous penalty kill early in the game with a mentionable clear by Sharp. Also, Pronger's shot ended up on top of the net. I feel like a stolen puck joke could be made out of this. The Flyers were getting a little feisty. Pronger pushed down Kopecky, which was brave with Hossa watching. Then Carcillo went after Sharpy.

At the beginning of the second, the Flyers scored first on a messy one. Crawford was down and wasn't able to get back up, while Hossa was playing goalie. Hammer was also in front of the net, but no one was knocking any of the Flyers out of the way. It was a clusterfuck. Whoa. Hello, Mr. Seabrook. He brought out some fancy moves. Only could tell it was him by his blowfish faces throughout the play. Dowell and Carcillo went at it. Dowell was Carcillo's punching bad. Although, Dowell got him to bleed. Scott must of just been sitting on the bench staring off into space. Crawford ended the second with a highlight save. He caught Bickell's turnover with his glove.

The first half of the third went a little like this: 2-0 Flyers. 3-0 Flyers.

Hossa made history with the first United Center penalty shot goal. It's so fitting for God. It was the first one at home, since forever. Yes, the 80's count as forever. Pronger was booed every time he had the puck. Insert another stolen puck joke. The Flyers won the Stanley Cup rematch 4-1, but Turco wins because of this:
(source: PuckTheMedia)

Blackhawks vs Wild at 7:30pm on CSN tomorrow night!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is what happens when you get the right camera angle. I wonder if he made that poster himself?
The Blackhawks won 4-1 against Detroit in an all around solid game for the Hawks.
Hossa's Robin (Kopecky) to his Batman scored two goals.
More on the game later...

Set your alarm for tomorrow's game at 11:30am on NBC.
The Blackhawks take on the Flyers in a Stanley Cup rematch.

It was announced today that Kane will have an A on his jersey for the All-Star game, which can mean only two things.
He's an Alternate Captain or a whore.
Congrats to Kane!

Check back tomorrow, after your sports hangover, for recaps of both games!
And good luck to the other Chicago team, the Bears!

Blackhawks vs Flyers

Just a reminder of what happened last time these two teams met:

Oh the memories...


(Special thanks to Thiago Roberti and the Brazilian fans for the awesome videos)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bowman on Seabrook:

"He wants to be here, we want him here."

End of story.

(Well, actually the end of the story would be him signing, but you get what I mean)

Today's Practice:

Went to Blackhawks Practice today with my good friend at Crocs & Cross-Checking.
I took out my camera. She took out her camera.
I immediately put my camera away.
Here's a peek at some of her photos:
See ALL of her photos at her blog: Crocs & Cross-Checking
Also, check her out on Twitter: @QueenCrash

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Around The UC:

-"Fox officials said today that Jim Cornelison, who belts out the national anthem at Chicago Blackhawks games, will sing the Star Spangled Banner at Sunday's Bears-Packers game."
Cornelison will sing anthem, DeWyze gets halftime for Bears

-Toews: "I was kind of surprised everyone was asking me who I was going to pick anyway. It sounded like you all knew something I don't, because I was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen. The four of us will have a great time, and now we can joke with each other (about) who gets picked before the other guys. We'll see what happens."
Blackhawks' Toews 'relieved' to avoid All-Star 'C'

Off The Record: Patrick Sharp (video)

-Kane: “It’s pretty exciting. If we can put things together — and obviously we have great coaching — things can go our way. You never know, you get a couple breaks and you can be there again.”
Hawks' confidence level rising

-Toews: “We have a nice little break this week and hopefully we'll come back rested. I think we're really going to use it to our advantage. We'll have a couple good practices this week and rest up. Everyone is healthy and we want that to stay that way."
Blackhawks plan to make the most of five-day break

-Bolland: "I know I had a slow start, but it's coming now. It took some time. I know what I went through with the slump, but through those times I battled and kept playing harder and harder each game. I knew it was about time it would come."
Bolland's 2nd goal vs. Predators a thing of beauty

Jim Conelison's Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Soldier Field (video)

-"Amazingly, while the hockey world will watch that one over and over, Bolland says he won’t.
“Probably not. Probably just going to go home and hang out,” he stated.
“You’ll watch it once, right?” he was asked.
“Probably not,” Bolland said."
Bolland's goal thing of beauty

Lorna Campbell - Brian Campbell's Mom and A Whole Lot More

Five Questions with Stan Mikita

-Today's Practice Interviews:
Skille, Seabrook, Coach Q, Toews and Kopecky

Blackhawks Day in Rockford (video)

Cooking Meatballs with Hammer:

(source: Blackhawks TV)

NBC Chicago: Packer Backers in the Hawks Locker Room

View more news videos at:

Monday, January 17, 2011

25 Turns 25 Today: Viktor Stalberg On Eric and Kathy

-On birthday pranks: "I'm sure I'll get some tomorrow."

-On Sharp talking about his lotion: "I think he's just jealous of me smelling good."

-On taking sides in the locker room: "He's probably got the older guys on his side and I'm trying to get the younger guys on my side."

-On Sharp and the younger guys: "The group he wants to be a part of, but he's not really anymore."

-On how old he is: "Don't ask that, right? C'mon Kathy."

-Eric on birthday gifts: "From IKEA?"
Stalberg: "Yeah, sure Eric. I'd get those huge cupboards and stuff to mount myself every birthday."

-On Sharp's growth chart giveaways : "They were put up all over the locker room last night when we got to rink. I think he was there all afternoon and putting them up everywhere."

Listen to the entire interview here!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Watch Again. Again. And Again.

Also, Brouwer's two goals:

Brouwer's WGN Post-Game Interview:

(Blackhawks TV)

Blackhawks vs Predators

Starters: Brouwer, Toews, Kane, and Hammer/Soupy
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott, Boynton, and Johnson

Hello Blackhawks' fans, look at yesterday's third period, now back to today's third period, now back at yesterday's, now back to today.

Thankfully, they aren't the same. Sounds like a team put on their Old Spice before the third.

The Blackhawks piled on the penalties, then piled on the goals with four straight in the third. They rallied back and gave the fans something to talk about for a five day break.

Toews was called for holding and the Hawks started the game on the penalty kill. Hammer had a couple of blocked shots and was hurting a little bit. Erat got the rebound in. Predators scored within two minutes of the period and 12 seconds left in the powerplay. Bolland tied the game 1-1, after Bickell made a nice play by forcing a turnover. Congrats to Bolland on his 100th career point. Brouwer for boarding for 4on4. Hossa had a couple chances in the period. Can someone explain to me what is on Trotz face? Because it can't be facial hair. Another powerplay goal for Nashville. The Hawks penalty kill took two steps back, after a decent couple of games. Might as well just keep the penalty box door open to make it easier for the Hawks to get in and out. Fourth penalty for the Hawks (Sharp, tripping).

Bickell took his turn in the box for hooking. Stalberg had a huge hit on Ward. He sent him through the door of the Predators' bench. Stalberg was just being a gentlemen. Opening the door for Ward. "DAVID BOLLAND! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!" Foley summed up Bolland's tying goal. I never thought I would put 'beautiful' and 'Bolland' in the same sentence, but that was a beautiful goal for Bolland. He got the pass from Kopecky, then completely embarrassed Suter. Of course the Hawks
quickly topped the goal with a penalty by Seabrook. Sharp went speeding down the ice and drew a penalty for the Hawks powerplay. Kopecky was hit with a puck and was bleeding. A lot.

At some point before the third period a message was sent: Hawks' vets speak up And the Hawks answered.

The Predators scored off a face-off 3-2. Seabrook and Keith were a little feisty in front of the net. You touch Seabrook. You get Keith. Sharp drew his second penalty of the game. Brouwer was right in front of the net to put in the rebound off of Keith's shot. Just 40 seconds later, Brouwer Power scored his second goal. Hossa got crosschecked along the boards for a Hawks' powerplay. Campbell went limping off the ice. Bickell completed the scoring for the "Killer B's" or as Foley and Eddie like to call them the "Tree B's." Props to Soupy for limping off the ice, then coming back and setting up Bickell's goal. Captain capped off the crazy third period with his 100th goal! "Go Johnny Go" rang through the United Center as the Blackhawks won 6-3 against the Predators.

Stars of the game:
1. Brouwer
2. Bolland
3. Some Predator, but I'm giving it to Campbell.

The Hawks leave us until next weekend with pretty goals and a solid outing by Turco. I leave you with this half-assed recap, while watching a replay of the Golden Globes.

Photo Source:

More on "Hearts A Bluhm":

Columbia College shout out!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Get to dah choppaaah!"

Starters: Pisani, Bolland, Bickell, and Hammer/Soupy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott, Boynton, and Johnson

The Hawks dominated in their first two periods against the Predators tonight. Kopecky scored and Stalberg ended his scoring drought, but it wasn't enough for the Hawks. In the third, the Preds and the crowd got their momentum back after tying the game 2-2. The Hawks were pooping their pants the rest of the period, while the Predators and the people of Nashville square danced.

In overtime, Sharp had a breakaway opportunity and a chance to end the game. He was denied on a big save by Rinne. The Hawks handed the Preds a point with overtime, then handed them the game after going 0 for 3 in the shootout.

The game started physical with Hossa being laid out by Weber. Another mentionable hit came from Brouwer along the boards, then Dowell went to the dressing room after a blocked shot to the foot. When you're a hockey play you just throw a few ice cubes in the sock and get back out there. Dowell came back out, but I have no idea if that ice cube thing really happens. I imagine not, since it would be really uncomfortable. But you get my point. Kopecky got a breakaway chance and the best way to describe it, "He has Hossa right there with him." Nothing happened, but he's always has his Slovakian boyfriend on his side. Seabrook had a diving effort. Crawford continued to be solid with a save on Kostitsyn. The spelling on that one was a struggle. Skille was hit hard from behind, which led to a boarding penalty for the Predators. The Preds had a breakaway on the Hawks pp, but Sharp forced an early shot. Powerplay goal for Kopecky to end the first.

The Hawks killed two penalties in the second. No whistles, no sticks, and no posts got in Stalberg's way this time. His scoring drought finally came to an end tonight on a rather lucky goal from behind the net. I think his confidence needed that as well as the confidence the Hawks have in him. Seabrook got a stick to the face and the period ended with nothing on the Hawks powerplay. The Preds only had five shots. The Hawks had played a good 40, but there's 60 in a game.

Hammer helped out Crawford. His stick was stuck in Preds' skate, so Hammer went up and pulled it out. Crawford's shutout streak was broken, but congrats to him on two games and two periods (176 mins) without letting up a goal. The rest of the third did not go well for the Hawks. It was terrible. The Preds got their second goal right off of face-off. The Preds were playing on a high of two goals and a rather loud Nashville crowd. They were suddenly all over the Hawks. Their last chance in regulation came on a nice play by Bolland, Bickell, and Pisani. The net went out of place on Pisani's shot, then popped back in. However, the refs had already blown the whistle.

Overtime and Sharp's breakaway came and went. Toews, Kane, and Sharp were all denied in the shootout. Hawks lose 3-2 against the Predators.

Guess the Hawks didn't know Arnold Schwarenegger survives in the end of Predator. They were suppose to do the same. I suggest they go back and watch it tonight. They get their second chance in Predator 2 tomorrow night at the UC. Like Dutch (Schwarenegger) said, "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Photo Source:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Around The UC:

-ChicagoNow: Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs "heart" Mag Mile campaign, "Hearts-a-Bluhm"

-Toews:"Right now, I'd say go with the two leading scorers in the league — (Steven) Stamkos and (Sidney) Crosby. There are a lot of different guys who can do it, guys who are captains on their own teams. The great thing about an All-Star game is that there are so many great players there, guys who have that respect and experience around the league."
ChicagoTribune: Will Hawks' captain be accorded same honor for All-Star game?

-Crawford:“It’s nice to have a streak going. It’s always in the back of your mind, but it’s always about what you do next and your effort."
Sun-Times: Crawford on pace to join rookie race

-Dowell:"Passing lanes through the middle which leads to one–time shooting lanes. It's so far for the goalie to travel from one side to the other. We were giving that up too much."
ESPNChicago: Hawks hope to cool off Predators

-Kane on Sharp:"I don't want to pump up his tires too much. I don't want him to get too big a head or anything." Sharp building reputation as key scorer for Hawks

-Sharp on Crawford:“We’ve seen him play a handful (of games) each year. This year it seems he’s ready for the No. 1 job and he’s playing great. You see the way he fits in with the guys in the locker room and Marty (Turco)’s been a huge help for him, one of the best partners in the game.”
CSNChicago: Crawford goes from backup to Calder contender

-Turco:"In my eyes, you better have a darn good reason to have a bad attitude. I can think of a lot worse situations to be in that might come close to having a bad attitude. The kid is playing great."
ChicagoTribune: Turco on alert for Hawks

-Seabrook:“We made some strides tonight. I still think we can be better. I don’t think it’s our best game as a tandem ever but I think it’s definitely a start. We played very well together, we used each other well, we used our forwards well.”
ESPNChicago: Keith, Seabrook key Hawks' improvement

-"Brian Campbell looked up from a text message from Blackhawks teammate Patrick Sharp Monday night and smiled— even if the joke was at his own expense. “I know what you're doing right now,” said the text, a reference to Campbell's tendency to watch ABC's “The Bachelor” on Mondays."
ChicagoTribune: A night at the Bulls game with the Blackhawks' Brian Campbell

-Coach Q on Leddy:''He should continue to get his positioning exactly where we want it to be. You just appreciate his reads and his poise out there for a young kid.''
Sun-Times: Is Nick Leddy here to stay?

-BlackhawksTV: Coach Q and Toews after today's practice (video)

-ESPNChicago: Video: Hawks locker room talk (Sharp and Skille)

-FYI: Go see Dilemma, which is in theaters now! The last scene is worth it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crawford's WGN Post-Game Interview:

And the All-Star Montage:

(Blackhawks TV)

Quick Recap: "Keep Coming, Keep Going, Let's Go"

Wise words by Dave Bolland in his star of the game interview.

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Pisani and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford (New pads)
Scratches: Scott, Johnson, and Boynton

Hawks played 60. And it was beautiful. Game started with an early penalty and ended with a shutout. It was big game for the Hawks against the Avalanche. The Hawks avoided a season sweep for their third win in a row. Crawford has not let in a goal in about 126 minutes.

Stalberg warmed the seat in the box with an interference. Hawks killed it. Hammer lived up to his one goal commercial, he had a nice block shot. Hawks get on the board first with a rebound for Brouwer Power off Keith's shot. 40 seconds later, Bolland with another rebound on an open net. Sharp tried making everyone around him a little bit uglier, but he used his stick instead of his good looks with a high sticking penalty on an Avs player. Hawks killed two penalties to go along with good play in the first.

Spin-o-rama sighting by Kane. Spin-o-ramas are always worth a mention. Pisani forced a turnover and went for a wrap around. He hit the post with the Hawks putting the pressure on the Avs. Seabrook was flattened out in front of the Hawks' net. A second spin-o-rama sighting for Kane. It's the closest thing he can do to dancing on the ice. Bolland wrote the check and Pisani cashed it. Nice set-up from Bolland for Pisani to get the Hawks third goal. It looked like the Avs had given up as they left for the dressing room. Unfortunately, they just ended the period early due to broken glass. Two mins were added on to the third. You don't see that every day.

Finished up the rest of the second period. The Avs had a few good shifts, but Crawford continued to be one step ahead of them. Skille picked up Seabrook's shot from the blue line and finished it off. 4-0 Hawks! Hawks went back to the pk on a delayed penalty. The Hawks were killing it out there. Literally. That was three killed penalties for the Hawks. The Hawks received their first powerplay (hooking). Crawford had an awesome save on a breakaway. He helped out Toews on his giveaway. Kopecky has to make it to the box at least once a game. 4 0n 4 for the Hawks and Avs. Then another late penalty by the Avs with thirty seconds left in the third.

Hawks win! Hawks win! Hawks win!

Stars of the game:
1. Crawford: Back to back shutouts! (24 saves)
2. Bolland
3. Pisani

-Seabrook and Keith were a +4. They worked as a bromance tonight.
-Pat and Steve let us know 99 times that Toews has 99 goals. Who's got a "99 problems but a bitch aint one" joke?

The Hawks take on the Predators on Saturday. At least we know Skille is going to have a good game.

Photos: Chicago Tribune