Monday, January 17, 2011

25 Turns 25 Today: Viktor Stalberg On Eric and Kathy

-On birthday pranks: "I'm sure I'll get some tomorrow."

-On Sharp talking about his lotion: "I think he's just jealous of me smelling good."

-On taking sides in the locker room: "He's probably got the older guys on his side and I'm trying to get the younger guys on my side."

-On Sharp and the younger guys: "The group he wants to be a part of, but he's not really anymore."

-On how old he is: "Don't ask that, right? C'mon Kathy."

-Eric on birthday gifts: "From IKEA?"
Stalberg: "Yeah, sure Eric. I'd get those huge cupboards and stuff to mount myself every birthday."

-On Sharp's growth chart giveaways : "They were put up all over the locker room last night when we got to rink. I think he was there all afternoon and putting them up everywhere."

Listen to the entire interview here!

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