Monday, January 31, 2011

All-Star Weekend Videos

(Click the link to see the video)

That MVP trophy sure accentuates his good looks.

Whoa. The Gatorade bottles are bigger than the nets.

We know Toews speaks french, but did you know Keith does too? Toews reminds me of the candlestick in Beauty and the Beast.

He loses to Sedin. Insert joke about the Sedin's being twins and using witch craft.

The real story of the Hardest Shot competition was Chara. After Chara hits you with his 105.9 mph shot, he'll step on you with his 6'9" body.

Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Hugo Boss suits, and a Sharp dressed man.

Congrats to Sharp! He wasn't even on the All-Star Ballot and he won MVP.

Sharp: "Kane had a chance to grab me and he didn't. I'll make him pay on Sunday." He's a man of his word.

What do you do when a camera is awkwardly in your face? You wink at it.

No, thank you!

There's a million more videos from the All-Star game on Blackhawks TV. Check them out!

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