Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackhawks vs Predators

Starters: Brouwer, Toews, Kane, and Hammer/Soupy
Goalie: Turco
Scratches: Scott, Boynton, and Johnson

Hello Blackhawks' fans, look at yesterday's third period, now back to today's third period, now back at yesterday's, now back to today.

Thankfully, they aren't the same. Sounds like a team put on their Old Spice before the third.

The Blackhawks piled on the penalties, then piled on the goals with four straight in the third. They rallied back and gave the fans something to talk about for a five day break.

Toews was called for holding and the Hawks started the game on the penalty kill. Hammer had a couple of blocked shots and was hurting a little bit. Erat got the rebound in. Predators scored within two minutes of the period and 12 seconds left in the powerplay. Bolland tied the game 1-1, after Bickell made a nice play by forcing a turnover. Congrats to Bolland on his 100th career point. Brouwer for boarding for 4on4. Hossa had a couple chances in the period. Can someone explain to me what is on Trotz face? Because it can't be facial hair. Another powerplay goal for Nashville. The Hawks penalty kill took two steps back, after a decent couple of games. Might as well just keep the penalty box door open to make it easier for the Hawks to get in and out. Fourth penalty for the Hawks (Sharp, tripping).

Bickell took his turn in the box for hooking. Stalberg had a huge hit on Ward. He sent him through the door of the Predators' bench. Stalberg was just being a gentlemen. Opening the door for Ward. "DAVID BOLLAND! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!" Foley summed up Bolland's tying goal. I never thought I would put 'beautiful' and 'Bolland' in the same sentence, but that was a beautiful goal for Bolland. He got the pass from Kopecky, then completely embarrassed Suter. Of course the Hawks
quickly topped the goal with a penalty by Seabrook. Sharp went speeding down the ice and drew a penalty for the Hawks powerplay. Kopecky was hit with a puck and was bleeding. A lot.

At some point before the third period a message was sent: Hawks' vets speak up And the Hawks answered.

The Predators scored off a face-off 3-2. Seabrook and Keith were a little feisty in front of the net. You touch Seabrook. You get Keith. Sharp drew his second penalty of the game. Brouwer was right in front of the net to put in the rebound off of Keith's shot. Just 40 seconds later, Brouwer Power scored his second goal. Hossa got crosschecked along the boards for a Hawks' powerplay. Campbell went limping off the ice. Bickell completed the scoring for the "Killer B's" or as Foley and Eddie like to call them the "Tree B's." Props to Soupy for limping off the ice, then coming back and setting up Bickell's goal. Captain capped off the crazy third period with his 100th goal! "Go Johnny Go" rang through the United Center as the Blackhawks won 6-3 against the Predators.

Stars of the game:
1. Brouwer
2. Bolland
3. Some Predator, but I'm giving it to Campbell.

The Hawks leave us until next weekend with pretty goals and a solid outing by Turco. I leave you with this half-assed recap, while watching a replay of the Golden Globes.

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