Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Get to dah choppaaah!"

Starters: Pisani, Bolland, Bickell, and Hammer/Soupy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott, Boynton, and Johnson

The Hawks dominated in their first two periods against the Predators tonight. Kopecky scored and Stalberg ended his scoring drought, but it wasn't enough for the Hawks. In the third, the Preds and the crowd got their momentum back after tying the game 2-2. The Hawks were pooping their pants the rest of the period, while the Predators and the people of Nashville square danced.

In overtime, Sharp had a breakaway opportunity and a chance to end the game. He was denied on a big save by Rinne. The Hawks handed the Preds a point with overtime, then handed them the game after going 0 for 3 in the shootout.

The game started physical with Hossa being laid out by Weber. Another mentionable hit came from Brouwer along the boards, then Dowell went to the dressing room after a blocked shot to the foot. When you're a hockey play you just throw a few ice cubes in the sock and get back out there. Dowell came back out, but I have no idea if that ice cube thing really happens. I imagine not, since it would be really uncomfortable. But you get my point. Kopecky got a breakaway chance and the best way to describe it, "He has Hossa right there with him." Nothing happened, but he's always has his Slovakian boyfriend on his side. Seabrook had a diving effort. Crawford continued to be solid with a save on Kostitsyn. The spelling on that one was a struggle. Skille was hit hard from behind, which led to a boarding penalty for the Predators. The Preds had a breakaway on the Hawks pp, but Sharp forced an early shot. Powerplay goal for Kopecky to end the first.

The Hawks killed two penalties in the second. No whistles, no sticks, and no posts got in Stalberg's way this time. His scoring drought finally came to an end tonight on a rather lucky goal from behind the net. I think his confidence needed that as well as the confidence the Hawks have in him. Seabrook got a stick to the face and the period ended with nothing on the Hawks powerplay. The Preds only had five shots. The Hawks had played a good 40, but there's 60 in a game.

Hammer helped out Crawford. His stick was stuck in Preds' skate, so Hammer went up and pulled it out. Crawford's shutout streak was broken, but congrats to him on two games and two periods (176 mins) without letting up a goal. The rest of the third did not go well for the Hawks. It was terrible. The Preds got their second goal right off of face-off. The Preds were playing on a high of two goals and a rather loud Nashville crowd. They were suddenly all over the Hawks. Their last chance in regulation came on a nice play by Bolland, Bickell, and Pisani. The net went out of place on Pisani's shot, then popped back in. However, the refs had already blown the whistle.

Overtime and Sharp's breakaway came and went. Toews, Kane, and Sharp were all denied in the shootout. Hawks lose 3-2 against the Predators.

Guess the Hawks didn't know Arnold Schwarenegger survives in the end of Predator. They were suppose to do the same. I suggest they go back and watch it tonight. They get their second chance in Predator 2 tomorrow night at the UC. Like Dutch (Schwarenegger) said, "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

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