Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Hat Trick Of Iron"

Starters: Kane, Bolland, Pisani, and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Dowell, Skille, and Boynton
Lines: Brouwer/Toews/Hossa

Again, penalties were the Hawks kryptonite. The first started with a hooking penalty (Kopecky) and a goal by Dallas on the powerplay. The first continued with a slashing penalty (Soupy) and a goal by Dallas on the powerplay. The special on the menu for the Blackhawks tonight, turnovers with a bitter tasting filling of PK. Burish made himself at home on top of Crawford, but no one took action to make him unwelcome. Ott got a little close to Kane. Looked like he was a pedophile asking Kane if he wanted some candy. I don't know about you, but it sounded like Foley was saying Christopher Farts (Dallas). Well, it turns out it's actually Krystofer Barach. Just in case you were wondering. The Hawks were in need of a new change of pants after the first. They left a lot of shit in them and on the ice. Truly a terrible period.

Intermission: Angry Toews

Hawks received their first powerplay on an interference. Pisani put the Hawks back in the game with a "not so pretty, but we'll take it" goal. The people of the United Center were in fact alive after all, including the players. Heads almost exploded when Kopecky tied the game 2-2 with a great pass from Kane. Stalberg was coming up fast to the Stars' net, when he was knocked down and crashed into the net. Penalty shot!

The Swedish Rocket flew down the ice and there goes the puck. All the heads of the UC watched as the puck hit the post. Heads turned again as the puck hit the crossbar. Another turn as the puck hit the other post and landed outside of the net. Post, crossbar, post. "Hat trick of iron." One of the most unluckiest goals. It could of been a scene out of Mighty Ducks, but it probably would of been a goal since it's Disney. That's now three unlucky occurrences for Stalberg: Early whistle, Bolland's Stick, and the damn posts. Luck came the Hawks way when the Stars' got caught for too many men on the ice. Powerplay to start the third. 15-5 SOG Blackhawks.

The Hawks had some good chances, led by Stalberg. The Hawks went back on the powerplay with a crosscheck on Scott. Seabrook laid out Burish along the boards. They started to get into it and my life was so close to complete with a Seabrook/Burish fight. But Seabrook had to go to the rescue of Kane, who got in the middle of it. The Hawks were once again punished by their penalties (Sharp). The Stars had their third powerplay goal. PK sucked. Plain and simple. Seabrook got a pass to Sharp through traffic for a wide open net. Shot hit the post. I really started to hate the post that was playing for Dallas.

Hendry being hit with a stick was the Hawks final opportunity. Coach Q decided on an empty net with a couple mins left. The Hawks failed to capitalize on the 6 on 4. The Stars scored an empty netter to win 4-2.

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  1. The team going with open net just isn't working. They need to leave the goalie in and just get the job done with 5 players.

  2. I agree completely!

  3. Yeah, I agree too. He jumped the gun on that one. It was a questionable call by Q.