Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hawks vs Islanders

Starters: Hossa, Sharp, Kopecky, and Leddy/Hendry
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott, Johnson, and Boynton

The boys changed their view and were on other side of the penalty box at the start of the game. They received two quick powerplays (inteference/Holding). Sharp scored his 25th goal from his sweet spot. Crawford came up big a couple of times. The Hawks had no penalties and outshot the Islanders 16-8.

The second period should of started with "PREPARE FOR WORLD DOMINATION" (Bring It On reference). The Hawks may have not dominated the world, but they dominated the Islanders. The Slovakian bromance started off the scoring. Hossa got a pass from Kopecky for his 10th goal. The Islanders failed on a breakaway attempt during a powerplay for the Hawks (turnover Leddy). Kane to Toews and back to Kane for the Hawks third goal. I almost expected Chevys to come out on the ice to get in on the passing between Toews and Kane.

The Islanders almost got their first goal, well that's what the Islander's thought. But Sim was called for interference on Crawford. The Hawks had complete puck control and looked like they were on a powerplay for two great back to back shifts. Hossa creeped up on Bolland with a pass from behind the net to continue the scoring for the Hawks.

"You white? You Ben Affleck." You a Blackhawks player? You score. Hammer joined in on the fun of the second 5-0. His first since Nov. 26. Bickell tried to fight, but it was stopped by the refs. Don't fight Bickell. He'll make your mouth look like his. Islanders only had 15 shots through two.

The Blackhawks got their first penalty of the game in the third (Seabrook, tripping). Nice stops by Crawford on the penalty kill. The Hawks killed it. When the Hawks don't allow a goal during the PK: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Crawford did the splits to stop Bailey, who had an open net. Add that one to his highlight reel tonight. Hawks win 5-0 and Crawford with the shutout! Crawford skated out expecting to be congratulated by his teammates, but they're all in the corner for a tiny brawl. Refs got all up in it and stopped it. Crawford was like the refs tonight, he stopped everything.

You can say, it's the Islanders of course they should of won. I don't care if it's the Islanders. When's the last time you could say it was a nice, easy win for the Hawks? Tonight you can finally say it.

Stars of the game:
1. Crawford
2. Hossa
3. Hammer

Hossa didn't come out on the ice for his star. He was all like if that blond chick Sarah isn't going to ask me how great the crowd is tonight (like she does every night), then peace out. Unfortunately, it was nothing like that. He just went to the locker room before he found out.

But he knew, he's god.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Hossa's WGN Post-Game Interview:

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