Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Practice:

Went to Blackhawks Practice today with my good friend at Crocs & Cross-Checking.
I took out my camera. She took out her camera.
I immediately put my camera away.
Here's a peek at some of her photos:
See ALL of her photos at her blog: Crocs & Cross-Checking
Also, check her out on Twitter: @QueenCrash


  1. I recently found your blog after searching about the hawk's open practices since I am hoping to go to one soon. I've never been before, do you have any tips like how early to get there or anything, do you know where the players come out of after practice?

  2. Practice starts at 11am, but I would get there around 10:30am. Sometimes they'll start practice early or it can be really crowded. The players come out of the side of the building in their cars. You'll know where because there is always a ton of people waiting to get autographs outside.

    I hope that helps! And have fun!

  3. Yes! Do the players usually stop in their cars or do they just drive by? Thank you!!!

  4. They usually do unless it's really cold or they have to catch a plane for a road game. Also, the bigger names never stop. People just go too crazy on them lol

  5. Thanks so much for your help!! I am really looking forward to going!

  6. I just found your blog AND I'm planning on going to a practice tomorrow (for the first time :) Have you been to Saturday practices? I'm worried it'll be really crowded and I'm wondering what time I should get there? And I'm not going to get autographs (if I did, that would be great, but not the main reason I'm going)... when you say the bigger names, you mean Toews doesn't stop? :( lol I am just completely curious, so any advice you can offer will be golden words of wisdom taken. Thanks!

  7. Yes, Saturday practices are definitely the busiest! But it's still worth it. So I would probably get there around 10:30 am, because sometimes they can start early. Toews and the others will stop for autographs, it just all depends on the day or their mood. lol

    It's a lot fun! If you have anymore questions just let me know :)