Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Hits from the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft:

Team Staal and Team Lidstrom handed out roses for their All-Star team's tonight:

-"@reporterchris Patrick Kane says he woke up at 8:50 a.m. for an 8:45 a.m. flight today."
-The set looked like we were about to watch Family Feud or some game show.
-Kane picked his "boy" Keith fourth for Team Lidstrom. I think Seabrook would like to argue on the "my boy" comment.
-Kane started a trend among the players of calling everyone "my boy."
-Now I'm going to continue saying "my boy." Toews on Kane saying "my boy": "I was halfway up the steps."
-Between the breaks we got riveting analysis on the deeper meanings of the draft. How can you have deep meaningful conversations on a fantasy draft without Pierre McGuire? Don't worry they snuck him in there.
-Big Buff was picked by Team Lidstrom and will be reunited with Duncs and Kane.
-I felt like I was watching a Twilight movie with all the up close shots of angsty Toews' faces for the first 30 mins.
-Sharp picked by Team Staal. I have a feeling Sharp has no problem being against all his teammates. All the shit talking lays on his shoulders. Perfect man for the job.
-Toews was finally picked by Kane. Kane revealed in the "Sounds of the draft" he just wanted to make Toews sweat a little bit. I think he achieved his goal.
-The Sedin Twins were spilt up, while the Staal brothers will play on the same team.
-Hiller's glasses.
-If it was a game show, it would be called, "Let's play reunite ex-Blackhawks players!" Havlat was added to Team Lidstrom. Sorry Coach Q and Sharp, but I think I know who I'm rooting for. Plus, the blues jerseys are so much sweeter.
-Letang tripped.
-"@AndrewBHDL With his next pick, Patrick Kane would like to select Girl In The Red Dress for his "skills competition.""
-Duchene mixing up Survivor and the Bachelor.
-Kessel was the last man sitting. Ovi helped him remember the moment by taking a picture of him, while he sat by himself. To represent the value of the last player picked, they game him a Honda.
-"@ChrisKuc Toews on Kane: "He’s realizing he does need me. He relies on me and when he doesn’t have me he feels pretty lonely.""
-"@TramyersCSN Sharp on Kane not picking him: "He had a few chances to grab me and didn’t, so I’ll have to make him pay on Sunday.""
-That was fun. It needs to be done again. All sports should follow.

That's all I got for now or remember. If you didn't find time to watch it, go find some time. It was really entertaining.

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