Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Ducks

Starters: Pisani, Bolland, Johnson, and Hammer/Soupy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Scott, Boynton, and Toews
Lines: Brouwer/Sharp/Kane

Blackhawks, your mother's would like to have a word with you!

The Ducks quacked first with a goal off of the back of Crawford's pad. Bolland got a little too close, while creeping on a Duck and was called for holding. A powerplay for the Ducks turned into a powerplay for the Blackhawks with too many men on the ice. "Nothing like hockey moms," Eddie sounding semi-creepy, while talking about the moms on the trip. Bickell flashed his toothless smile as he tied the game 1-1. And the point streak continues. Everyone helped on that one, including Soupy, Bolland, and Keith. Keith had a shot, that took Hiller's helmet off. If you can't score, why not just take out the goalie? Hawks regained control towards the end.

Intermission: Turco interview. Classy guy.

Seabrook and Keith were too busy whispering sweet nothings to each other to notice Perry coming up on them and scoring. Hiller went down again with a helmet problem. Another holding penalty for the Hawks (Sharp). Hossa let his immortality show during the penalty kill. All in a penalty kill's work for God. Foley's mom stopped by in the booth and damn does she look good for age. She looks younger than him. Stalberg had a nice shift helping out Hossa, but ended once Kopecky was called for interference. Dumb penalty, but did it even really need to be said? Period ended with a big play by Seabrook on a big chance by Selanne.

Intermission: Toews interview with his mom. Foley told Toews he was getting "frisky." Awkward. Definition of frisky: playful like a lively kitten. Even more awkward.

Kane took out Selanne on a breakaway, which led to a penalty shot opportunity. Luckily, Selanne missed. Speaking of Kane, Wasn't Kane suppose to be our savior? Our Jesus to our Hossa? Was he in the game? I know he's not that small. This brings up the point, did he come back too soon? It's not the usual Kane we see out there. He could still be hurting. Which brings up another point, is Toews coming back too soon? Toews could come back as soon as tonight. Two weeks turned into a few days. I want the captain back as much as everyone else, but at a 100%. FYI: Kane is a -5, since his return. Back to the game, Stalberg with a nice shot and Skille with the rebound. "Couldn't believe he couldn't finish it." Story of Skille's life. They reviewed it, but still no goal and still questionable. Pisani had two close chances, but Hiller was on his game in the third. Stalberg was all over Hiller. He had the assembly instructions. He just needed to put the desk together, I mean score. Yes, that was an IKEA joke. Dowell was benched the entire period. Johnson took over centering for Dowell with Stalberg and Skille. Stalberg again with a wide open net! Holy meatballs! The shot went off Bolland's stick. Stalberg even started celebrating. The third was so promising.

Blackhawk lose 2-1. Another solid outing by a goalie wasted. Good news: This loss can be quickly be forgotten with a win against the Kings tomorrow at 8pm on Versus.

According to @adamjahns, the Hawks are having a team meeting before tonight's game.

Is it time to bring Betty back from last year? Kinda goes with the Mom's trip:

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