Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Wild

The photo to the right is my nephew. He went to his very first Blackhawks game. Monumental moment for him. What did he think of the game? He said he wanted to go home and play hockey.

Starters: Stalberg, Sharp, Kopecky, and Soupy/Hammer
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Hossa (sick), Hendry (Boynton in), and Scott
Former Blackhawks: Barker, Havlat, and Madden
National Anthem: Jim's mom was there beside him, who was a nurse veteran. Very cool.

In the first couple minutes, Havlat scored. Seabrook had trouble clearing the puck on that one and gave it away. Kane gave Sharp the puck for Sharp's 26th goal on a wide open net. Brouwer had an extremely close chance, then he came right back and got what he deserved the first time 2-1. Boynton and stupid penalty go together like Spaghetti and meatballs or should I say Hammer and meatballs. Bolland joined him in the box for a 5 on 3. But no worries the Hawks were doing everything right in the period. They led in goals 2-1 and shots 12-8 in the fast paced first.

The second started off with the Wild tying the game 2-2. Then the game continued with the Wild taking the lead 3-2. The Hawks and the crowd seemed to have lost some energy with the last two Wild goals. Crawford wasn't as sharp as usual. He looked tired, which is understandable with all the work he's been putting in. They not only fell behind in goals, but shots as well 23-17 after two.

First time in United Center history: A girl wearing a Blackhawks jersey for shoot the puck. I was more impressed by the fact that she was wearing a jersey, than her actually making it in the goal.
X-Rated Kiss Cam: Who put Seabrook and Keith on there?
Soupy Mic'd up: He was seen and heard putting lotion on. So does he use Sharp's factory smelling one or Stalberg's lavender? Very important Sharp Attack related questions.

Brouwer had another missed opportunity with Backstrom holding his own. Keith shot went off the post. I hate when the posts are biased. Crawford got the first save, but couldn't get the second and the Wild went up 4-2. Toews put one in the net and the Hawks thought they scored for sure. The refs blew the whistle too quick, so the goal was waived off. Toews proceeded to rip off his jersey and angry Toews came out. He didn't actually rip off his jersey, by the way. This all started a "bullshit" chant. Thank god my nephew had already left. I thought he was going to start going around chanting bullshit all the time. Anyway, the call by the refs was just one of the many problems for the Hawks. They lost 4-2 to the Wild. Looks like the All-Star game came at a perfect time. The Blackhawks and fans can clean the shit out of their pants, that this game left in them and restart with fresh ones on Tuesday. We can also take this time off to laugh at the things that will happen during All-Star weekend.

And always remember it could be worse. You could have watched Mean Girls 2.

Words of Wisdom from my brother:
"It all comes down to have's and the Havlat's I guess."
"Oh boy does my backstrom hurt. That whole game was a total clutterbuck."

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  1. One of these days I'm going to steal your nephew.