Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Recap: "Keep Coming, Keep Going, Let's Go"

Wise words by Dave Bolland in his star of the game interview.

Starters: Bickell, Bolland, Pisani and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford (New pads)
Scratches: Scott, Johnson, and Boynton

Hawks played 60. And it was beautiful. Game started with an early penalty and ended with a shutout. It was big game for the Hawks against the Avalanche. The Hawks avoided a season sweep for their third win in a row. Crawford has not let in a goal in about 126 minutes.

Stalberg warmed the seat in the box with an interference. Hawks killed it. Hammer lived up to his one goal commercial, he had a nice block shot. Hawks get on the board first with a rebound for Brouwer Power off Keith's shot. 40 seconds later, Bolland with another rebound on an open net. Sharp tried making everyone around him a little bit uglier, but he used his stick instead of his good looks with a high sticking penalty on an Avs player. Hawks killed two penalties to go along with good play in the first.

Spin-o-rama sighting by Kane. Spin-o-ramas are always worth a mention. Pisani forced a turnover and went for a wrap around. He hit the post with the Hawks putting the pressure on the Avs. Seabrook was flattened out in front of the Hawks' net. A second spin-o-rama sighting for Kane. It's the closest thing he can do to dancing on the ice. Bolland wrote the check and Pisani cashed it. Nice set-up from Bolland for Pisani to get the Hawks third goal. It looked like the Avs had given up as they left for the dressing room. Unfortunately, they just ended the period early due to broken glass. Two mins were added on to the third. You don't see that every day.

Finished up the rest of the second period. The Avs had a few good shifts, but Crawford continued to be one step ahead of them. Skille picked up Seabrook's shot from the blue line and finished it off. 4-0 Hawks! Hawks went back to the pk on a delayed penalty. The Hawks were killing it out there. Literally. That was three killed penalties for the Hawks. The Hawks received their first powerplay (hooking). Crawford had an awesome save on a breakaway. He helped out Toews on his giveaway. Kopecky has to make it to the box at least once a game. 4 0n 4 for the Hawks and Avs. Then another late penalty by the Avs with thirty seconds left in the third.

Hawks win! Hawks win! Hawks win!

Stars of the game:
1. Crawford: Back to back shutouts! (24 saves)
2. Bolland
3. Pisani

-Seabrook and Keith were a +4. They worked as a bromance tonight.
-Pat and Steve let us know 99 times that Toews has 99 goals. Who's got a "99 problems but a bitch aint one" joke?

The Hawks take on the Predators on Saturday. At least we know Skille is going to have a good game.

Photos: Chicago Tribune

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