Monday, January 3, 2011

Quicker than Quick

Starters: Hossa, Brouwer, Toews, and Seabrook/Keith
Goalie: Crawford
Scratched: Boynton, Scott, and DOWELL?
Lines: Hossa/Toews/Brouwer

According to, tonight was the "Toews of our lives." Who needs a recap when you have a header like that. Toews had a delayed penalty in the third and went to the box to vent. He was running his mouth and I have a feeling it wasn't Mother's Trip appropriate. Instead of washing his mouth out with soap, he washed it out with the game winning goal. The puck went right off his skate. Talk about right skate, right time.

Toews wasn't the only one to make his mother proud. Sharp will also have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies waiting for him. He gave the Hawks a 2-1 lead in the second with a nice pass from Kane. The camera went to the mom's, who were doing the typical jumping up and down, while doing little claps. He extended the Hawks lead 3-2 in the third.

The Kings dominated at the start of the game. Seabrook had a bad giveaway, while trying to clear the puck. Kings took advantage and scored. It was not a great game for Seabrook. At one point during the first, the Hawks had zero shots on goal, while the Kings had ten. Thank god for Hossa. It's like thanking Hossa for himself. It was his first goal, since november.

Sharp on the first intermission: “All the mothers came down and slapped us around a little bit. It wasn’t the prettiest 20 minutes.” (source)

The Kings got their second goal off of a turnover. Skille couldn't get the puck deep, so everyone called for his head. The over-dramatics are at a high, during this time in the season. The Kings eventually tied the game 3-3, but Toews growled his way to the box and the rest is hockey history mixed with luck.

The Hawks win 4-3. Thanks to Crawford with a glove save in the final seconds. Craw daddy brought out the big claws. To beat the Kings it took wolverine and a handsome man. That's a season series sweep for the Hawks.

Props to the Posts. They played well out there. Human-like.

The Parent Trips really bring out the pee wee hockey in the boys. Just like old times. After tonight's win, Capri Sun and Chewy bars from the team mom.

Before the game, my dad admitted his love for Patrick Sharp like every other man or woman in Chicago. On Sharp being left off the All-Star ballot: "I can't believe that and on top of it all he's the best looking guy in the league." Sharp now has 23 goals.

Hawks win. That sounds nice.

Photo 1: Chicago Tribune
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