Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is what happens when you get the right camera angle. I wonder if he made that poster himself?
The Blackhawks won 4-1 against Detroit in an all around solid game for the Hawks.
Hossa's Robin (Kopecky) to his Batman scored two goals.
More on the game later...

Set your alarm for tomorrow's game at 11:30am on NBC.
The Blackhawks take on the Flyers in a Stanley Cup rematch.

It was announced today that Kane will have an A on his jersey for the All-Star game, which can mean only two things.
He's an Alternate Captain or a whore.
Congrats to Kane!

Check back tomorrow, after your sports hangover, for recaps of both games!
And good luck to the other Chicago team, the Bears!


  1. It kind of looks like the guy is checking out Kane's ass in that photo...

  2. I thought the same thing! Hee hee.