Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Recap:

Sorry for the lack of updates and the late recaps. I've been a little busy. My motivation to update can be easily killed by a six hour class, that ended up to be entirely about Jay Cutler.

Saturday: Blackhawks vs Wings
The Blackhawks backed up the saying "Detroit Sucks" in their 4-1 win over the Wings with goals from Bolland, Kopecky, and Brouwer. They were ready to play after a five day break. Detroit got on the board first and that was it for them with Crawford shutting them down for two periods. Bolland continued his hot streak with a pass from Brouwer to tie the game. Kopecky added two goals of his own, then Brouwer scored the fourth and final goal in the third. It was a good win for the Hawks and they hoped to do the same against the Flyers.

Sunday: Blackhawks vs Flyers
The score was the same 4-1, but the Blackhawks were on the losing end this time. However, seeing the reactions and the outcome of the Bears' game it didn't seem so bad.

Bickell and Hartnell got into a quick fight, but thanks to NBC's great coverage we all missed it. The Hawks had a fabulous penalty kill early in the game with a mentionable clear by Sharp. Also, Pronger's shot ended up on top of the net. I feel like a stolen puck joke could be made out of this. The Flyers were getting a little feisty. Pronger pushed down Kopecky, which was brave with Hossa watching. Then Carcillo went after Sharpy.

At the beginning of the second, the Flyers scored first on a messy one. Crawford was down and wasn't able to get back up, while Hossa was playing goalie. Hammer was also in front of the net, but no one was knocking any of the Flyers out of the way. It was a clusterfuck. Whoa. Hello, Mr. Seabrook. He brought out some fancy moves. Only could tell it was him by his blowfish faces throughout the play. Dowell and Carcillo went at it. Dowell was Carcillo's punching bad. Although, Dowell got him to bleed. Scott must of just been sitting on the bench staring off into space. Crawford ended the second with a highlight save. He caught Bickell's turnover with his glove.

The first half of the third went a little like this: 2-0 Flyers. 3-0 Flyers.

Hossa made history with the first United Center penalty shot goal. It's so fitting for God. It was the first one at home, since forever. Yes, the 80's count as forever. Pronger was booed every time he had the puck. Insert another stolen puck joke. The Flyers won the Stanley Cup rematch 4-1, but Turco wins because of this:
(source: PuckTheMedia)

Blackhawks vs Wild at 7:30pm on CSN tomorrow night!

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