Monday, February 28, 2011


The trade deadline is officially over. The Blackhawks made only one move today. They acquired Chris Campoli from the Senators for Potulny and a second-round draft pick.

Best wishes to Hendry on a full and fast recovery. He tore his ACL last night, after he was hit into the boards by Doan. He's out for the rest of the season. (source)

Seabrook's montage from last night's game: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." It's Epic.

The Blackhawks play the Wild tonight at 7 on Versus! LETS GO HAWKS!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seabrook's Press Conference:

(Blackhawks TV)

Oscar Edition: Blackhawks vs Coyotes

The Blackhawks won 4-3 against the Coyotes. They have now have won four in a row and got another two points. You could call this an Oscar Edition recap or a Lazy Edition recap:

Best Picture: The First Period
Best Performance by a Player: Jonathan Toews (2 goals and the game winning shootout goal)
Best Performance by a Player in a Shootout: Corey Crawford
Best Dressed: The Blackhawks (nothing better than the indian head sweater)
Best James Franco look-a-like: Jonathan Toews
Best Montage: Seabrook video montage to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." (@hockeenight)
Best Impression of God who's not Morgan Freeman: Marian Hossa
Best Equipment Malfunction: Patrick Kane (tried to give away his stick by throwing it over the glass, but it landed back on the ice)
Robbed of a Star of the Game: Corey Crawford
Robbed of a Goal: The Blackhawks
Worst Impression of a Wolf: a Coyote
Best Acting in a Commercial: Brent Seabrook's words of wisdom for Kefir (yogurt): "To be in the NHL you have to be able to think outside of the box especially the penalty box."
Worst Performance by a Player: Shane Doan (checked Hendry into the boards and Hendry had to be helped off the ice)
Best Impression of Woody and Buzz: Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane
Best Appearance by a Non-player: Joey the Junior Reporter
Best Fake Scratch of the Game: Niklas Hjalmarsson
Best Tweet of the Game: Paul Bissonnette of the Coyotes: @BizNasty2point0: "Oh & did any1 in the crowd tonight c me making the "make it rain" motion 2 seabrook after he signed the deal for 29 sheetz? #MakeItRainBrent"

Tomorrow: The trade deadline (ahhh!) and Blackhawks vs Wild.


Or at least another five years.

(I don't know the source to this glorious photo. If anyone knows leave it in the comments section, Thanks!)

Seabrook's contract extension of 5 years and $29 million was made official today. Woo! Woo!

Bowman: "Brent is a very important member of our organization and we are looking forward to him being part of a core group that will be a contender for many years to come. We have been fortunate to have Brent as part of our family since he was a teenager and we are proud to be able to announce this news today." (source)

Seabrook: "The Blackhawks are the only organization I've ever played for, and I've been a part of something very special in Chicago over the last six seasons. I'm excited to continue being a part of this group, playing in the United Center and making our fans proud." (source)

Photo: 2003 NHL Draft (Chicago Tribune)

To do a Seabrook appreciation post, or not to do a Seabrook appreciation post, that is the question...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Around the UC:

-Seabrook: "I've grown up with this group, and we've accomplished a lot over the past six years. We definitely can accomplish a lot in the future, and I hope I can be a part of it."
Hawks and Seabrook getting set for long-term

-Toews: “I’m really looking forward to expanding my role with The Players Cup this year."
Toews to host tourney

-Bowman: ‘‘We believe [Seabrook has] been instrumental in getting us to the point we’re at, and he’s going to be instrumental in keeping us at this level. He’s at a good young age [25]. He’s really just entering the prime of his career.”
Seabrook extension accents 'D'

-McDonough: "We talk to our players collectively about their comportment off the ice and the importance of it. Our players' profiles are sky-high and it really has grown over the last few years. I'm very proud of Patrick and the progress he has made. He's a young kid; he's a very social kid. I think he's very aware and he understands the importance of being a Chicago Blackhawk and what that means."
McDonough likes Hawks' direction

Hawks put a premium on defensemen

-Seabrook: "Just being Canadian and being in Canada it was really unbelievable the support we had from the Canadian fans and how excited they were. I'm sure they were all sitting on the edge of their seats in overtime when Crosby scored. It was one of those things you want to take it all in and really enjoy it. To be able to win a gold medal in Canada for your country was an unbelievable feeling."
Hawks recall their part in Canada's hockey gold medal

-Crawford: “I don’t think we can focus on the standings and the playoffs. We have to focus on what we’re doing. We’re doing the little things — getting pucks deep, getting pucks out and not forcing anything.”
Rising Hawks can't relax now

-More photos from Sharp's photo shoot with Chicago magazine

-Burish on Kane: "He's a professional. He's a young kid, but he's a professional. He understands the situations and he understands that he's a superstar and everybody's watching him, and he deals with it pretty darn good. He deals with it better than most people do. To me, he's not doing anything wrong. He's not doing anything that anybody should shake their head at."
Adam Burish comes to Patrick Kane's defense

Seabrook talks contract extension

More from Blackhawks TV:
Bowman talks Seabrook, Deadline
-McDonough on Seabrook, Playoffs
Home Movies: Patrick Kane

A Happy Ending

Boynton was claimed by the Flyers.

The end.

Late Night with Brent Seabrook:

Tsn broke some news around 2 in the morning. You didn't hear it, while sleeping? You didn't hear the angels singing or the unicorns galloping through flowers or me crying tears of joy?

Well, here it is:

"Sources told TSN early on Saturday that Seabrook is on the verge of finalizing a five-year contract with the club worth a shade under $30 million." (source)

They should turn on the Tornado sirens for this kind of news.

Friday, February 25, 2011


For those of you who haven't heard the news or brought out the confetti cannons yet, Boynton was placed on Waivers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back on Track to World Peace

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Duncs/Leddy.
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Pisani, Boynton, and Scott.

I should probably start off by explaining the photoshops of Sharp, but I want to keep the suspense and just creep you out a little bit longer.

The Blackhawks won tonight, which is now three in a row. Usually when things come in threes, the third one sucks (ex: The Godfather: Part III). But tonight was the best out of the three for the Hawks with a shutout for Crawford and the reawakening of Keith. A long time ago at the beginning of the season the Hawks were on their way to bringing world peace, but they got side tracked. Tonight is the night they got back on track. Not only on track to world peace, but on track to the playoffs.

If they keep it up!

It's funny how glorious a three game winning streak can be during these tough times. It's like receiving a penny or a piece of bread during the Great Depression.

The first started out a little rough for the Hawks, but once again Crawford kept the Hawks in it from the first ten seconds when the Preds had a chance off of face-off. Toews, Brouwer, and Frolik were creating opportunities for the Hawks. Unfortunately, it seems like Frolik caught the Skille syndrome of not being able to finish. Hopefully, he gets one soon.

Even with the poor play the Hawks came out on top in the first with a goal from Kopecky on a delayed penalty. Sharp got his 300th career point on an assist. THIS IS SPARTA! THIS IS SHARP! The photos are the result of me asking for a photoshop of Sharp's head on the body of the 300 guy. You'd be surprised on how many actually already existed.

During the second, Mike Fisher (yes, he actually has a name other than Carrie Underwood's husband) got physical on Soupy. Who knew the pretty boy had it in him? Brouwer received a stick to the face from Suter. It looked like a nice power play opportunity for the Hawks, but that ended quick with Sharp being a hooker. However, it didn't distract from his good play with a nice set up on a chance for him and Hossa later in the period.

Kopecky had scored, so it was only logical that Hossa would score next. It's the rules of bromance. According to Troy Murray, Hossa was wearing his "Harry Potter invisibility cloak." Only one man can be compared to God and Harry Potter: Marian Hossa.

Crawford's shutout almost didn't happen. The Preds got one in, but with Crawford on his back, the refs waived it off. The Preds became desperate and took their goalie out with over 2 mins left in the third. It wasn't to give them an extra man, but to give Sharp another goal. How nice of them. The empty netter sealed the deal and the Hawks won 3-0! It was a nice welcome back gift for Coach Q! Now the Hawks are Brent Seabrook in the conference and Duncan Keith in the division. Coincidence? I think not.

Thoughts and Facts:
-Kopecky broke his career season high in goals with 11.
-Not only did Keith have one of his best games, but the entire D showed up.
-Hammer didn't finish the game due to upper-body, but Coach Q says it's not serious.
-Johnson really makes a difference when he's dressed.
-Crawford for Calder.
- I know you're there, face-off. But I'm going to ignore you for now, since everything else went right.
-If you're new around here and keep asking yourself, who does Trotz look like? Click here.

Post-Game Video:

The Hawks look to give an Oscar worthy performance on Sunday vs. the Coyotes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coach Q is Back!

Coach Q was at practice this morning. He was skating and blowing the whistle like he hadn't even left.

"I was on IR for a week. We'll call it an upper-body injury. (I'm) all good to go. The only pain I was in for the last week was sitting in the hospital watching games."

It's great to have Coach Q back!
It's comforting being able to look at the bench and seeing the mustache.


“Having him back, it’s just brings a little more familiarity to the group as far as line calls, play calls, stuff like that. He jumped right back in at practice and looked excited."

(source: Hawks happy to see Quenneville back at work)

The Hawks may have been mustache-less for several games, but they weren't lacking in good coaching.

Gotta tip your helmet to Haviland for stepping in and doing a great job.


" 'Havi' knows the systems, how calls are made and what guys to use in certain situations. I'd say 3-1 is a pretty good start to his head-coaching career.''

(source: Hawks assistant does some heavy lifting)

Watch Coach Q from today's practice on Blackhawks TV here.

And read more about his return:

-ChicagoSun-Times: Q's back, but Hawks still working on cure

-ESPNChicago: Haviland earns praise for leading Hawks

Number 10 on his back, Hey it's Sharp Attack!

Today on Sharp Attack!: "I'm a part-time hockey player now, full-time model."

On the opening "beautiful" montage: "I never thought I'd say, I miss the Sharp Attack music."

On his cover: "My teammates have been pretty supportive about it."

On Stalberg: "He's so jealous right now. It's not even funny."

On not ruining his face in a fight: "I whispered to him, as we're getting ready to fight, body shots only."

On Seabrook: "I don't know if he's changed his underwear in awhile."

-Eric: "GQ photo shoot on Friday. Esquire on Saturday. Is that how it's going to be?"
Sharp: "Oh, man"

Listen to the entire segment here: Sharp Attack!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around the UC: 'Hockey Day' Q&A with Stan Mikita

Marty Turco On Playoff Push (video)

-Crawford: “Johnny’s done that all year. He knows what to say at the right time. He told us just to relax and play our game, that we know what we can do.” ChicagoBlackhawksBlog:
Grants Quote of the Week: Feb. 20-26

-Toews: "It's always more challenging when you go through some tough moments and you're losing games and you're competing for a playoff spot. You can make all the excuses in the world and say what's different about this team and last year's team. (But) we're not talking about last year. There are no easy games for us (this season), especially at this time of the year. Sometimes maybe we expect that. It's tougher as a leader especially when you're trying to spark the rest of the guys … and things aren't going your way. It definitely has been more challenging this year."
Leadership role more difficult for Toews with all the Hawks' challenges

"The moment is yours." - February 22, 1980 - Remembering the "Miracle on Ice"

-"Brian Campbell of the Chicago Blackhawks makes an appearance at State Street Barbers (1151 W. Webster Ave.; 773-477-7721, on Saturday, February 26th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., for the “Get a Cut for Campbell for Kids” promotion. Campbell will sign autographs and pose for photos; shoppers can register for the raffle for a chance to win signed jerseys, hockey pucks, two tickets to a Blackhawks game with a tour of the locker room, and more. Guests of the Webster shop also get a haircut and hot lather shave for $51 (originally $67). State Street Barbers will donate a portion of weekend sales to Campbell for Kids, the foundation Campbell started in 2009 to help children with special needs."
Jack Spade Opens on Oak Street

-Bowman: “We’re always looking to get better, but we believe in these guys."
Bowman looking for right player to bolster Hawks' blue line

-Bauer Hockey was in town for a new photo shoot with Kane and Toews. Check out a preview here.

-Toews: “Maybe I got on the boys a little bit too much, but obviously you saw the guys responded to it. The leaders in this room held the rest of the team accountable and everyone stepped up to the plate.”
Crawford an emerging leader

-Just read the first four blogs on
Jesse Roger's blog on ESPNChicago. A ton of information, as always.

-Billy Dec (owns restaurants and clubs in Chicago) is hosting a Chicago Blackhawks Appreciation/Viewing party on 2/24 at Rockit Wrigley. More information

-Sharp's interview with Chicago Magazine

-More from the latest episode of Blackhawks TV:
Home Movies: Jonathan Toews

Monday, February 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Sharp's Chicago Magazine Cover Shoot

Two Wins and Another Two Points:

Let's be honest, the Blackhawks looked like complete shit in the first period. Let's be honest again, most of us thought there was no way the Blackhawks were going to come back. They proved us wrong.

Stalberg kicked off the scoring for the Blackhawks at the start of the second. About one minute later, Bolland tied the game 2-2 with a godly pass from God himself. Not only does Kane quiet his doubters with the Kaner Shuffle, but with scoring too. There was only one thing that could of woke up the Blackhawks between the second and third. @Hockeenight had the answer: "Haviland ate a baby in front of the team after the 1st." There's no actually proof he did this other than the Blackhawks three goals.

The Blackhawks went into the third leading 4-2 with a power play goal from Toews. There are good hockey players and there are great hockey players. Then there is Toews.

The Blackhawks gave a huge effort in third and it paid off. They played like they should by blocking shots, getting physical, and leaving it all out on the ice. It wasn't an easy third and seems like every game has Hawks' fans biting their nails off and pulling their hair out. Hossa sealed the win with a late empty netter and the Blackhawks won 5-3 against the Blues. That's two wins in a row for the Blackhawks and four points.

And the star of the game goes to Turco:
Turco is on a roll: making fun of Pierre McGuire, hitting Kesler in the balls, and now this.

Duncan Keith played back-up goalie in the first. He stopped the Blues' chance on a wide open net:

Dowell and Scott Fresh Wave Segment

This is all kinds of awesome:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Joey the Jr. Reporter

Joey to Coach Q: "I think your mustache is beautiful."

The new episode of Blackhawks TV is not up yet. Dowell and Scott segment is hilarious.

Skating with the Hawks at Millennium Park

Update on Coach Q:

Coach Q was released from the hospital. Team physician Michael Terry: "Joel was released from the hospital (Saturday) and is resting comfortably at home. We will continue to monitor him and still anticipate a full recovery. We are working to determine when it is best for him to return to his coaching duties." (source)

"Toews, who has exchanged text messages with his boss, kidded that Coach Q spent Sunday afternoon watching on TV, "probably cussing at the refs."" (source)

More on his release from the hospital:

Get well soon, Q! We miss ya!

Crawford's WGN Post-Game Interview:

(Blackhawks TV)

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Pens 3-2

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Seabrook/Hammer.
Goalie: Crawford (first time against the Pens)
Scratches: Pisani, Boynton, and Scott.
Biggest crowd of the season: 22,195

Let the NBC game begin with a Pierre McGuire "too close for comfort" interview with Kane. Sharp opened up the first with a breakaway attempt with a fantastic pass from Kane. It seemed like once again the line of Toews, Kane, and Sharp was going to dominate. Hendry broke the glass with his big butt. The Hawks took the lead on an absolute beautiful play. Kane got it started with a pass to Hammer, then to Toews who gave it to Sharp for the goal. Sharp is scoring machine. It was his 31st of the season. Orpik took a nasty high stick to the face from Sharp. It was a 4 minute penalty kill for the Hawks. Seabrook lost his stick during it and Johnson gave him his stick on a heads up play.

The Hawks finished up the penalty kill at the start of the second. Big kill for the Hawks. Sharp was taking everyone out. Martin went to the dressing room after Sharp accidently hit him into the boards. Sharp was acting like a superhero who just got their powers and doesn't have control of them yet. Keith got caught holding or hugging Keith, either or. According to Pierre McGuire, we saw vintage Toews on the power play. Really, Pierre? Like last week vintage? Because he's only 22. The Hawks were putting the pressure on the Pens early on in the period. Kopecky lost his helmet. As Pierre would say, that's vintage Kopecky. Kane was called for hooking and it apparently was a cue for every single person to make an alcohol joke. Martin returned to the ice. Cooke tied the game with a shorthanded goal on the Hawks power play. Pens turned it up a notch and Crawford was a wall they couldn't get through.

Bickell scored with a sweet wrister 2-1. Sharp, Toews, and Kane were creating chances and being boss (that's what the cool kids say these days). Pens tied the game. Another day, another game, and another blown lead in the third. Pierre being creepy and Hawks overtime, what else is new?

Holy shit. If overtime wasn't nerve racking enough, add fast-paced and exciting hockey to it. Damn.

Blackhawks win! Everybody thank Kane! Thank him.

Happy Hockey Day in America. It's fitting that an American won the game.

Two points.

Post-Game Videos: Crawford, Toews, Haviland, and Kane.
Game Highlights: Sharp's goal, Bickell's goal, and the shootout.
Other videos: Astronaut honored and the anthem .

Don't forget tomorrow's game is on at 1 p.m. on WGN!

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skating with the Hawks at Millennium Park

Hockey Weekend in America continued today in Millennium Park with a Tony O signing. Also, contest winners got the chance to skate with Jake Dowell and Nick "tight pants" Leddy. I watched from the sidelines with envy, while losing all feeling in my toes and fingers. Apparently, it's not always guaranteed to be warm out when the sun is shinning.

Due to my shaky hands and completely forgetting my camera, I did not take photos. However, Queen Crash was there with me and camera is her middle name. So here are a few photos from the event:

Check out the rest of
Queen Crash's photos here!

Don't forget Hockey Weekend in America ends tomorrow at Millennium Park with a very special guest: The Stanley Cup! The festivities start at 11 a.m.

Sharp's WGN Post-Game Interview:

(Blackhawks TV)

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Blue Jackets 4-3

"We know the position we're in. We know we have to win games, especially against a team like that. They're right there in the standings with us, they're in the same boat. Give them credit, they played hard but we still have to hold our heads up here. We know what we can do in this room and it's about time to start proving it." -Sharp (source)

It was a must win vs the Wild and the Hawks won it. Tonight was no different in the must win department, but the Hawks had trouble with the whole win part. Giving up leads is like someone giving you an ice cream cone, then slapping it out of your hand, while you watch the ice cream drip down your hand. It just leaves you sticky and wanting more ice cream. We got two scoops from the Hawks in the first, then they slapped it out of our hands. Leaving us annoyed and wanting to win. How did you like that analogy? Did I mention I'm writing this rather late?

1st Period: Patrick Sharp can score goals. Specifically, 30 on the season and 2 tonight. Did you know he's handsome too? That's just what I hear.
Intermission: "Marty Turco's doing great tonight."-Person at UC (Crawford was in the net)
2nd Period: Three goals for the Jackets. This is when the Hawks handed their two points to the Jackets.
Late in the 2nd Period: The greatest jump hug goal celebration ever.
Intermission: The men's line for the bathroom was ten times longer than the girls. It's just so rare that I had to mention it.
3rd Period: Late power play=poop.
Last Seconds: Effort and hope.
The Horn Blows: Watching the Hawks' sticks drag on the ice, instead of them being held up in victory.
Bus Ride Home: Pat Foley look-alike. Not just a little resemblance. His twin. If there was anyway to take a photo without looking creepy I would have done it.
What now: 11th in Western Conference and the Pens come to town on Sunday.
The Line: Sharp-Toews-Kane (8 points) They dominated. Every single one of them. You had Kane as Farrah Fawcett, Sharp as Jaclyn Smith, and Toews as Kate Jackson.
Bruise Count: Hammer got his 1,867th bruise from blocking a shot.
Whack-A-Mole: The lady in front of me brought a whole new meaning to sitting on the edge of your seat. She was butt floating above her seat the whole time. She stood up and down for every little thing.
Post-Game Videos: Haviland, Sharp, and Kane.

Lame and lacking detail, but that's "all I have to give". (I hope I just got Backstreet Boys stuck in your head)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Around the UC:

Update on Coach Q: "Joel was originally admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning due to gastrointestinal bleeding. He has been stabilized and today the cause of the bleeding was determined to be a small ulcer caused by aspirin. He is resting comfortably at the hospital and we anticipate him to make a full recovery and to be released in the next few days." (source)
More on Coach Q:
Quenneville suffered from internal bleeding
-ChicagoTribune: V
ictory buoys Quenneville's spirits

-A new episode of Blackhawks TV will air this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on NBC. And guess who's back? Joey the Junior Reporter! You can check out a preview of his new segment

-Haviland: ‘‘I haven’t done a speech in a couple of years before a game. Once you get on the bench, you kind of get back at it. The guys were so professional. They were great. Guys were very attentive and listened. . . . It was very easy to work that bench with them.’’
Hawks happy with Haviland holding Q's spot

-"Goalie Corey Crawford, center Jake Dowell and the legend Tony Esposito are all on the lineup for "WGN Radio's Chicago Blackhawks Night of Improv," a benefit for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation."
Always game, Blackhawks take a shot at comedy

-Blackhawks Convention tickets are now on sale

-Thursday's practice videos:
Haviland, Kane, and Frolik.

-"The last chance to see a current Blackhawk at Meijer in the "Cooking with the Blackhawks" series will be Feb. 25 when Jake Dowell cooks at the Orland Park Store located at 15701 South 71st Court"
Bears' Idonije continues good works

-Haviland on Hossa: "A guy like that -- it's not that you leave it up to him -- but you need him to be ready for the games. The games are important at this time of year in February and he knows the systems and he knows what we want."
Marian Hossa will get his rest

The Blackhawks take on the Blue Jackets tonight at 7:30 p.m. on CSN! I'll be there!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now That's A Win For The Q Stache

"We just knew what we had to do and what 'Q' would want us to do." (source)

Starters: Kane, Toews, Sharp, and Keith/Leddy
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Boynton and Pisani

Crawford kept the Blackhawks in the game from the moment it started when Keith had a turnover right in front of the net. Kane put on his fancy pants with a sweet move, involving a spin-o-rama and then a "clank." His shot went off the post. I don't know if doing a spinning motion is the best thing to do when recovering from the flu. But it's a good way to keep your opponent away from you.

The Blackhawks got their first power play with a highstick by Cullen. A twilight joke is so tempting. Soupy opened a can of...Yeah I don't have a good joke. Campbell's power play goal through traffic put the Hawks up 1-0. Too much man on the ice had the refs panties in a bunch and the Hawks went onto the penalty kill. Crawford was very good in the first with several big saves. The Wild led in SOG 17-10.

Lemonhead radio commercial: Kane thinks the bench is haunted by the Lemonhead guy. While Toews wants to know if the Lemonhead is talking shit about him. Awkwardly amazing.

Stoner was caught hooking, power play for the Hawks. Theodore was "gobbling" all of the Hawks' shots during the power play. Thanks to the radio's frequent use of the word "gobbling," Theodore will forever be associated with a turkey. Bickell was hit with a stick and oh no, blood. The damage was done by Clutterbuck, who got 4 minutes. Apparently, no one told the Hawks they were on the power play. Wild killed it. Hawks only had two shots on goal.

Another powerplay opportunity for the Hawks came from a trip on Toews. Hossa almost had an open net chance, but former Hawk Barker saved a goal for the Wild. The Hawks had a huge shift late in the second with plenty of good chances from Brouwer, Bickell, and Kopecky. A switcharoo at the end of the period for the D pairs with Keith and Seabs reunited as well as Soupy and Hammer. A nice few minutes for the Hawks. They gained on the Wild in shots with 28-25.

The D pairings went back to what they started with, Keith/Leddy and Hammer/Seabs. The Hawks went on the kill, while Bickell was in the box for goaltender interference. Cullen tied the game 1-1 on the power play. Damn vampires. The Hawks got a power play, while I received a text from brother about Hossa's lack of scoring. God hears and sees all, so he scores a goal. 2-1 Blackhawks. Goal actually went to Brouwer, but it doesn't work with my God references. Recovering from the flu, Dowell threw up the puck into the empty net and Hawks win 3-1.

We finally were able to hear the United Center full of cheers and the glorious sound of Chelsea Dagger. Hawks win! It sure feels good to say that.

Stars of the game:
1. Crawford (He was the entire team in the first)
2. Brouwer Power!
3. It went to Theodore, but we're giving it to Bolland (3 assists) and Hossa (2 assists). Hossa looked closer to his original godly form.

It was a must win for the Hawks and they musted it. Or something like that. The Hawks skated away with two points. And it was in regulation. No heart attack overtime moments. No shitting your pants shootout moments. Just the plain old 60.

(Photo source: Chicago Tribune)


Surprising news came from Hawks practice today, Coach Q went to the emergency room last night. The Blackhawks team physician Dr. Michael Terry on Coach Q's condition: "Joel presented severe discomfort late last night at his home in suburban Chicago. He went to the emergency room and was admitted early this morning. He is currently in stable condition and is being treated for an undisclosed health concern today, not of cardiac nature." (source) Haviland will coach tonight's game, watch his morning skate video here. Get well soon Q! The boys gotta win one for the Q tonight!

Kane will play in tonight's game after having the flu, which went through some of the team. Insert the overplayed "the Blackhawks need to stop making out with each other" joke. Kane actually had to be hooked up to an IV this morning:
"Monday was a pretty bad day for me. It's pretty rough to eat, but I have to get something in my body to get some energy for tonight ... Hopefully I'll have enough energy to do the same things I want to do out there." (source) There's nothing like taking out the other team with throw up on the ice.

Johnson was back skating with the team this morning: "I feel good. I had to do a physical test, some bike and different exercises and that all went fine and I was able to get on the ice. I'd love to be in there (against the Wild) in such a big game but I'll spend the next few days getting ready and hope everything continues to progress." (source)

The Blackhawks put Pat Tomasulo to work after the WGN contract extension, watch here. This reminds be of an old classic video featuring Pat and Burish, watch here. More from Blackhawks TV: Toews stopped by the Auto Show, watch here.

If you're headed to the game tonight make sure to pick up the new Blackhawks Magazine with Sharp on the cover. If you're not headed to the game, you can read an excerpt from Sharp's article here.

Other headlines:


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Around the UC:

Check out more photos from the CSN Awards here

-"But this is where it gets sticky. Kane and Toews signed the exact same deals. Is Seabrook thinking along those lines when it comes to he and Keith? After all, they were the anchors for a Stanley Cup team, made the Olympics together, and Keith openly admits he is the player he is because of his partnership with Seabrook."
Breaking down a potential Seabrook deal

-Coach Q: "It's been an amazing couple of weeks - five teams that are in the same pack we're in, the last 10 games, three of them have lost two games and two teams have lost one game. We gotta put ourselves in position to do something like that."
ChicagoBreakingSports: Kane, Keith sit as Blackhawks prep for key stand

-Toews: ‘‘Hopefully, we come out of these tough games better as a team and we’re jelling together more than ever. The time is now to be together and not let some of these tougher losses separate us and keep us apart.’’
Floundering Hawks ought to follow Toews' example

-Backside Five sports apparel caught Toews after the Dallas game

Jennifer Hudson vs Patrick Sharp VOTE!

-Soupy: “He takes the brunt of everything which some nights he shouldn’t. Too many nights he takes the brunt of the attention from the media and when things aren’t going well he sits in his locker and answers every question.”
Bolland to center Hossa-Frolik line

-Soupy: "It's a couple different shifts in some units, and it's worked kind of well, and we're healthy with all our power-play guys out there. Hopefully we can continue it. We can take that time on the power play and not take it for granted but make it a game-changer."
Power play bounces back

-Coach Q on Kane: "We're hopeful he'll be able to play. I know he felt better today, but the same progress from yesterday to today to tomorrow should be (enough). He wants to play and hopefully he'll be able to."
ChicagoBreakingSports: Blackhawks hopeful Kane will play against Wild

Hawks need a good run and for others to lose

-The Blackhawks agreed to a five-year extension with WGN. McDonough: "The Chicago Blackhawks are very proud of our association with WGN-TV. They represent the finest local sports programming in America and this extension is another step forward for our franchise." (
source) The Blackhawks are just super excited about this deal in their WGN Message videos: Keith, Kopecky, Sharp, Coach Q, and Toews.

-"NBC will open its coverage with a live pre-game show from Chicago's Millennium Park at noon ET, which will be followed by three regional games, starting with Washington's visit to Buffalo at 12:35 p.m. ET. At 12:40 p.m. ET the puck will drop at Madison Square Garden between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia, and Detroit and Minnesota will get underway five minutes later at 12:45 p.m. ET at Xcel Energy Center. The deliberately staggered start times gives NBC the ability to bring viewers to all three sites during intermissions, as well as bring each game's conclusion to fans across the country."