Thursday, February 3, 2011

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-"Three of Chicago's most successful sports franchises are teaming up to host the inaugural "Home Team Charity Run" on Sunday, April 3, 2011. A portion of proceeds from the race will be split among the respective charities of the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox."
Chicago sports team unite for charity race

-Brouwer: “It does need to happen once in a while. But after every hit, I don’t know. If it’s a clean hit, depending on who the player is, it’s tough to say. But you do have to protect your star players and make sure that type of play won’t be tolerated.”
Hawks' Brouwer at his best when he's physical

-Coach Q: “The consistency of our team game hasn’t been as solid as we’d like, but we like the trend we’re in right now. I think the pace of our game is the part we’re seeing some progress in. It kind of appears to be the pace we had last year.”
With Coach Q, Hawks rising to the challenge

-Stalberg: “There’s a lot of guys that come into this league thinking they’re going to be a scorer, but end up being fourth-liners. I’m happy so far. I feel like I’m doing things to help the team out. I want to keep progressing as a player. I’ve always been a late bloomer. I’m sure it will take me a little longer to find my role in the NHL than maybe some other guys. But I’ll keep working away and keep getting better and better.”
Stalberg learing his lessons on the fly

Survey says: The Hawks have won over NHL players

-Coach Q: "Duncs was very noticeable in his involvement in the attack. He had some speed off the rush, skated by some checking forwards and created some odd-man breaks. Whether it's the offensive part of his game or his whole game, when he's skating and being a part of our offensive attack, it helps our whole game."
Duncan Keith starting to show some fire

Jim Cornelison, Anthem Singer Extraordinaire, Doubles As a Real-Estate Agent

2011 Blizzard Time Lapse Video

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