Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back on Track to World Peace

Starters: Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Duncs/Leddy.
Goalie: Crawford
Scratches: Pisani, Boynton, and Scott.

I should probably start off by explaining the photoshops of Sharp, but I want to keep the suspense and just creep you out a little bit longer.

The Blackhawks won tonight, which is now three in a row. Usually when things come in threes, the third one sucks (ex: The Godfather: Part III). But tonight was the best out of the three for the Hawks with a shutout for Crawford and the reawakening of Keith. A long time ago at the beginning of the season the Hawks were on their way to bringing world peace, but they got side tracked. Tonight is the night they got back on track. Not only on track to world peace, but on track to the playoffs.

If they keep it up!

It's funny how glorious a three game winning streak can be during these tough times. It's like receiving a penny or a piece of bread during the Great Depression.

The first started out a little rough for the Hawks, but once again Crawford kept the Hawks in it from the first ten seconds when the Preds had a chance off of face-off. Toews, Brouwer, and Frolik were creating opportunities for the Hawks. Unfortunately, it seems like Frolik caught the Skille syndrome of not being able to finish. Hopefully, he gets one soon.

Even with the poor play the Hawks came out on top in the first with a goal from Kopecky on a delayed penalty. Sharp got his 300th career point on an assist. THIS IS SPARTA! THIS IS SHARP! The photos are the result of me asking for a photoshop of Sharp's head on the body of the 300 guy. You'd be surprised on how many actually already existed.

During the second, Mike Fisher (yes, he actually has a name other than Carrie Underwood's husband) got physical on Soupy. Who knew the pretty boy had it in him? Brouwer received a stick to the face from Suter. It looked like a nice power play opportunity for the Hawks, but that ended quick with Sharp being a hooker. However, it didn't distract from his good play with a nice set up on a chance for him and Hossa later in the period.

Kopecky had scored, so it was only logical that Hossa would score next. It's the rules of bromance. According to Troy Murray, Hossa was wearing his "Harry Potter invisibility cloak." Only one man can be compared to God and Harry Potter: Marian Hossa.

Crawford's shutout almost didn't happen. The Preds got one in, but with Crawford on his back, the refs waived it off. The Preds became desperate and took their goalie out with over 2 mins left in the third. It wasn't to give them an extra man, but to give Sharp another goal. How nice of them. The empty netter sealed the deal and the Hawks won 3-0! It was a nice welcome back gift for Coach Q! Now the Hawks are Brent Seabrook in the conference and Duncan Keith in the division. Coincidence? I think not.

Thoughts and Facts:
-Kopecky broke his career season high in goals with 11.
-Not only did Keith have one of his best games, but the entire D showed up.
-Hammer didn't finish the game due to upper-body, but Coach Q says it's not serious.
-Johnson really makes a difference when he's dressed.
-Crawford for Calder.
- I know you're there, face-off. But I'm going to ignore you for now, since everything else went right.
-If you're new around here and keep asking yourself, who does Trotz look like? Click here.

Post-Game Video:

The Hawks look to give an Oscar worthy performance on Sunday vs. the Coyotes!


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  2. Thank you! Yes, I'm on twitter at @MsBlackhawks.

  3. where did you get the first picture? I want to use it in my blog.

  4. If you click photo source 1, it will take you to the source.